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Sheer Thermo review

Sheer Thermo is a nonprescription fat cutting supplement that is made and sold by Sheer Strength Labs. The official website claims that each of the ingredients that make up the formulation have thermogenic properties. This means that they cause the body temperature to rise. In order to produce the extra heat, the body needs to burn fuel. That is in the form of stored fat or calories from food. Therefore, if the thermogenesis is powerful enough and it is used as a part of a proper diet and exercise program that includes regular cardio, it may help to promote fat loss.

It claims to be able to help slash a user’s body fat levels at the same time that it promotes lean muscle preservation and enhanced cognitive function. In theory, this could make it easy to keep up with a diet and exercise strategy while burning away unwanted fat. All this without losing the muscle you have worked very hard to build.

Every bottle of Sheer Thermo contains 60 capsules. This provides an adequate supply for 30 days.

At the time of the writing of this review, the official website for this product listed the ingredients as: forskolin, green tea catechins, caffeine anhydrous, bacopa monnieri, 5-HTP, hordenine HCl and yohimbine HCl.

The majority of those ingredients do have some scientific research supporting their use for some of the benefits claimed about this product. That said, the majority of those studies are small or preliminary. Other than the use of caffeine anhydrous (which is also found in yohimbine) for alertness and energy, none of those ingredients are considered to be proven.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that the product won’t work. In fact, some of those substances, such as the green tea catechins, are quite promising in recent research. The issue lies in the fact that they have not yet been proven which means that doctors don’t know exactly how much of the ingredient should be used for safely providing the benefits that the substances may have. Moreover, they also don’t know whether or not the ingredients produce side effects, conflict with other drugs, supplements or even medical conditions, or if they become toxic after a certain dosage size.

That said, the company does have a money back guarantee that offers to provide a refund if you don’t experience fat loss or increased cognitive function. Should they actually honor that guarantee, it does decrease the risk of money loss.

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