Advocare MNS 3

Advocare MNS 3 reviews

Advocare MNS 3 is an over the counter dietary supplement that is designed to provide a complete support system for people who are trying to lose weight. The official webpage for this product on the manufacturer’s website says it provides appetite control in addition to core nutrition with added calcium among other nutrients. Moreover, this product is also meant to provide slow release energy to help keep a user going throughout the day.

While this product does contain caffeine, it has less than half the caffeine content of some of the other top products from Advocare. This makes it more appropriate for people who have a sensitivity to stimulants or who don’t want to take that much caffeine.

Unlike most supplements, all the ingredients in Advocare MNS 3 are not contained within a single pill. Instead, it is packaged in strip packs that are color coded to make sure you take all the right pills at the right times of the day.

The breakfast color packet contains two Calcium Plus caplets as well as an ActoTherm SR caplet and a ProBiotic Restore™ Ultra capsule. The lunch color packet contains two Calcium Plus caplets and two BioTherm capsules. There are also two white packets. The first contains three CorePlex® caplets and one CardioQ capsule. The second contains two OmegaPlex® softgels.

Each of those supplements is meant to provide the user with a different range of benefits. It is the ingredients with “therm” in their name that are most focused on weight loss benefits. They include ingredients that are supposed to promote thermogenesis in the body. This means that the body temperature will increase, requiring it to use more fuel – stored fat or calories from food – to produce that added heat.

In total, all the supplements within the packets provide a dose of dozens upon dozens of ingredients. It would be next to impossible for any consumer to be able to realistically research each of those substances in order to decide whether or not they are safe and likely to be effective for their unique needs. Moreover, as the individual amounts of each ingredient have not been listed, it would be even more difficult to determine if they were included in any appropriate way.

It is quite likely that even a doctor or pharmacist would balk at the length of the ingredients list in terms of their ability to decide whether or not it might be a promising formulation.

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