Vital Reds

Vital Reds reviews

Vital Reds is marketed as being a “concentrated polyphenol blend,” which is supposed to provide fat burning and probiotics. The formula is made of superfruits among other substances and are supposed to provide the user’s body with improved digestion, higher energy levels and healthier-looking skin.

It is sold in a “quick-dissolve” mix instead of a pill, and it is natural berry flavored. This product is sugar-free, soy-free and is free of lectin and artificial sweeteners. This product is sold in three different sizes. A supply for 30 days, 90 days or 180 days.

The ingredients list for this product includes more than fifty substances. While the manufacturer brags about this fact, it may not actually be as positive as the marketing claims it to be. The reason is that with an ingredients list this long, it would be difficult to believe that there is an adequate amount of every one of those substances to provide a meaningful benefit of any kind. While this doesn’t absolutely mean that the substances lower on the ingredients list won’t do anything for the user, without knowing the individual quantities of every substance – information that is not provided by the manufacturer – it would be impossible to know for certain.

The manufacturer for this product, Gundry MD, points out that this product is made in the United States in a cGMP certified facility. That said, while this does indicate that it is manufactured under standards that have been approved by the FDA, it doesn’t say anything with regards to the quality of the ingredients or whether or not the product is safe or effective. Those factors are not taken into consideration during this certification.

Before starting to use this product, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor. This will allow you both to go through the long list of ingredients and identify any to which you have a known allergy, that could conflict with medication or another supplement you’re taking or that could cause problems with a medical condition you happen to have.

Vital Red is unlikely to cause any health problems among healthy adult dieters when using it according to the recommended directions. However, whether or not it will actually provide the benefits the manufacturer claims about it are another story. It is most likely that the largest possible risk associated with the use of this product is your time and money.

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