Dr Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin For Apple Body Types

Dr Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin For Apple Body Types review

Celebrity doctor, Dr. Phil, identified different body shapes within his own book that provides a weight loss program. As an expansion of that line of products, he has also released vitamins that are supposed to be appropriate for those unique body types. One of these products is Dr Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin For Apple Body Types, with the alternative being for the Pear body type.

The Dr Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin For Apple Body Types contains an extremely long list of different vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other ingredients that some reviews are considering interesting while others are calling it baffling. What is clear is that it is not exclusively a multivitamin, but it also contains a number of substances that are commonly found in over the counter weight loss supplements, so it can only be assumed that this is meant to be one of the features of these pills.

Aside from vitamins and minerals, the Dr Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin For Apple Body Types also includes ingredients such as apple solids, garnicia cambogia, opuntia cactus, kola nut extract white kidney bean extract, among others.

This formula includes a tremendous list of substances, which makes it challenging to believe that beyond the actual multivitamin, there could be enough of anything to have any additional benefits. It causes a reviewer to wonder whether the “shape up” ingredients could be there for anything other than just being able to tack them onto the list of substances in the formula.

Furthermore, there is no explanation as to why these particular ingredients were chosen for the apple body type as opposed to the pear body type. The weight loss ingredients include substances such as kola nut, which are known stimulants, and white kidney bean extract, which is often found in appetite suppressants but that has yet to be proven by any reputable study as being able to live up to this claim. Garnicinia cambogia is recognized as a fat burner, but there is also a growing list of evidence supporting claims that it could be connected to liver disease.

As this product does include stimulants but it does not list exactly how much, it is difficult to know whether or not a user should expect to experience side effects such as anxiety and jitters, in addition to possible headache and sleeplessness, which are often associated to high levels of stimulants such as caffeine and other forms.

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