3G BURN Review

3G BURN is an over the counter weight management formulation which was designed around all natural clinically researched ingredients. Those substances are made up of appetite suppressants and fat burners, but also contain energy boosters. This formula is naturally thermogenic and contains some of the top substances in the weight loss products industry, such as forskolin.

Since the ingredients are thermogenesis promoters, it means that they function within the body by increasing the temperature. The idea behind this type of substance is that it helps to speed up the metabolism and burn more calories and fats as they are needed to fuel the additional body heat. While that can be helpful on its own, the true benefit arrives when the use of this type of ingredient is combined with cardio workouts.

Upon taking a closer look at the ingredients that comprise 3G BURN it also becomes evident that these capsules contain a fat blocker. This helps to reduce the amount of dietary fat that the body will absorb from food consumed by the user. For people who struggle to keep their fat intake within a certain range, this may help to provide the advantage they are seeking.

Similarly, the appetite suppressants are often appealing to dieters who find it challenging to overcome food cravings. When this barrier is removed, it makes it easier for a dieter to keep up with his or her healthy eating strategy for weight loss.

At the time this review was written, the 3G BURN ingredients consisted of: Green Coffee Bean Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and Caffeine Anhydrous. These are all substances that have been scientifically researched for what they do and how they function. This research was central to the formulation of the product by the company behind it, Intechra Health Inc.

Intechra Health is an American company that makes and manufactures all its products in the U.S.A. It produces several supplements in the weight loss category as well as products within other areas of wellness. These capsules – like all the company’s products – are made in an FDA cGMP facility. This allows consumers to know that these bright green pills are made through methods and procedures that meet or exceed the FDA’s good manufacturing practice standards.

To use 3G BURN for the best possible results, the directions state that it should be taken in conjunction with a healthy, calorie reduced diet and with regular exercise. Two capsules are taken twice per day, swallowed whole with 8 ounces of water. Typically, the first two are taken a half hour before breakfast and the second two are taken a half hour before lunch. These pills shouldn’t be taken within five hours of bedtime as they contain stimulants.

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