Liquid Amino Diet Drops

Liquid Amino Diet Drops Review

The Liquid Amino Diet Drops are the central component of the Liquid Amino Diet. This weight loss program is a strategy that involves eating five very small meals per day while simultaneously taking the drops. The drops are designed to help dieters to avoid cravings for unhealthy foods. Those are used throughout the first three phases of the program, which continue for thirty to ninety days.

That period of time drives the body into a kind of starvation mode but at the same time the company behind the product claims that this will drive the body to drop somewhere between 8 ounces to one pound every day.

After that phase, the dieter doesn’t use the Liquid Amino Diet Drops. The second phase is supposed to create a new weight for the user, which will reach the point that they can “easily maintain” it. The dieter then moves on to a third phase in which the user can bring starches and sugars back into their diets. It is during this third phase that the dieter rebuilds to a normal number of calories to be maintained over the long term.

This diet, including the use of the Liquid Amino Diet Drops, are very controversial. The reason is that this strategy requires a dieter to put themselves through up to three months of forced starvation mode. This isn’t something considered healthy for a short time, let alone for a quarter of a year. The drops themselves also come with a series of their own potential side effects. They include everything from mild to severe unwanted symptoms such as fatigue, low blood pressure, confusion, muscle pain, breathing difficulties, a fishy odor, headaches, digestive issues and mood swings.

The price of the product depends on how much weight the dieter wants to lose. There are different dieting kits to purchase depending on the weight loss goal. The kits include one for people who want to lose 15 to 25 pounds, one for dieters seeking to lose 30 to 45 pounds, and one for dieters aiming to lose over 50 pounds. The smallest diet contains one bottle of the drops, the second has two bottles and the third has three bottles.

The kits also come with a diet instruction book and a menu guide book. These are meant to provide dieters with the information they need to follow this strategy. It’s highly recommended that anyone considering this diet and/or the Liquid Amino Diet Drops speak to a doctor before beginning. This diet is not safe or appropriate for all dieters.

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