GroBro Extreme Anabolic Growth

GroBro Extreme Anabolic Growth is an HGH supplement produced by BioBro, which is the manufacturer of a number of different bodybuilding products. The official website for that manufacturer is made up almost exclusively of the company logo and a link to the Amazon page where it sells its products. More information is provided on the company’s Facebook page and in its customer feedback than its official website.

Experienced dieters would find this to be quite worrisome, as it is clear that the primary concern of the manufacturer of GroBro Extreme Anabolic Growth is to sell and not to ensure that its customers are informed and satisfied with the product and its effects.

That being said, the customer feedback and reviews tend toward the more positive side of the spectrum. Though there have been some displeased customers, the vast majority who have left their opinions on Amazon or on their own blogs and bodybuilding sites have seemed quite satisfied with the results that they have been able to experience through the use of these pills.

The ingredients in the product are not entirely revealed other than the fact that it is made up of the “GroBro Complex” which contains 783 mg of unidentified substances, as well as Vitamin B3. As it is considered to be an HGH supplement, it is safe to assume that it contains a certain amount of human growth hormone. Many of the descriptions of the product also refer to a powerful combination of amino acids for getting a workout going on the right foot, implying that ingredients containing amino acids must also be present.

However, the lack of a clear ingredient breakdown is worrying and it is a source of complaint for many of the customers who use the product – including those who have left positive reviews because of the effects that they have experienced and the results that they have achieved.

A third party site has suggested that the GroBro Complex is made up of a combination of L-glycene, L-ornithine, L-arginine, and L-lycine. The individual amounts of those substances is not available, and BioBro is not willing to confirm whether or not this combination is accurate at any level.

Among the effects that have been experienced by customers that have left feedback about GroBro Extreme Anabolic Growth are fat burning, increased energy levels, and improved gains to lean muscle mass; all highly appealing effects for bodybuilders of all types.

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