Instant Whey

Instant Whey is a muscle gain and fat loss product that is manufactured by a company called Reflex Nutrition, which is based in the United Kingdom. It is marketed primarily toward bodybuilders as opposed to being a product that is meant for dieters to use to lose weight.

The claims made by the manufacturer about Instant Whey is that it is low on fats and carbohydrates so that while it may not actually have any specific weight loss claims made about it, the official website says that it “can be used by those looking to lose weight as well.”

At the time that this review was written, the official website does not provide very much information about how the product actually works, particularly when it comes to losing weight. The marketing materials focus primarily on the protein supplementation that can help to promote muscle building.

The only specific statement that this product makes with regards to weight loss (other than that it can be used for that purpose) is that Instant Whey has a low carb and fat content. Therefore, if it is used as an alternative to other protein supplements that are on the store shelves, it will make weight loss easier.

That said, protein does have its benefits when it comes to being able to achieve fat loss more easily. While it doesn’t actually cause fat loss on the body, it does produce a higher level of “fullness’ that will help to prevent overeating. Moreover, if it is, indeed, used for building muscle, then it will help the body to burn more calories even while it is completely sedentary, so that fat burning becomes easier overall.

When 100 grams of this product are used, it provides a very high 74 gram dose of protein, along with its low amount of carbohydrates (11 grams) and 3.7 grams of fat. Unfortunately, it does contain 8.4 grams of sugar (just over two teaspoons), which doesn’t help in terms of proper insulin regulation, keeping cravings low, or simply avoiding excess calories. That said, when used after a workout, those sugars can help to provide a little burst of energy to stop a user from feeling fatigue and dragging for a few hours while the protein is being digested.

When this review was written, the official website for the product was flagged as untrusted, and that it could be a security risk. Therefore, the price at which Instant Whey was being sold by the manufacturer could not be verified.

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