Medi-Evil Excalibur

While there may be thousands upon thousands of different nonprescription diet pills currently on the market shelves around the world, every now and again there is one that will stand out simply because of the sheer creativity of its name, and Medi-Evil Excalibur is certainly one of them. This product has been developed specifically for individuals who are looking to lose fat and who are dedicated to daily exercise in order to achieve it. This includes athletes and bodybuilders who are hoping to boost their muscle and enhance its definition, by decreasing the layer of fat that is present overtop. Equally, it promises weight loss benefits for everyone.

While it is clear that the manufacturers of this product have gone to the effort of developing a unique name and package to ensure that the product will remain in the mind of those who have heard of it, it is important to look into the formulation to be able to determine whether it can live up to its claims, or whether it is all hype with little chance of an effect.

The claims made by the manufacturers are that this product will boost the metabolism through the production of a thermogenic reaction for fat burning. It also states that this effect will reduce hunger cravings with an appetite suppressing feature. The promise is that these reactions in the body will allow someone who is trying to burn more fat to be able to get more out of their daily exercises. That said, this supplement is not associated with any specific exercise or diet program or plan.

At the time that this review was written, the official website listed the ingredients in the Medi-Evil Excalibur supplement as: green tea, bitter orange, guarana, L-tyrosine, L-carnitine, caffeine, capsicum, and Trigesteze®.

With an initial glance, anyone experienced in the weight loss industry should experience a certain degree of concern upon seeing this list. The reason is that it contains not only a large number of relatively powerful supplements, but it also includes an ingredient (bitter orange, which contains synephrine) against which the FDA has issued warnings due to potentially harmful – or even dangerous – side effects.

Green tea, bitter orange, guarana, and caffeine are all stimulants. Moreover, as the manufacturer did take the very useful step of including the quantities of each ingredient – which is a highly respectable practice – it is clear that these substances were not included in any light amounts. This could cause many dieters, athletes, and bodybuilders to experience uncomfortable and potentially dangerous side effects.  A doctor’s appointment is integral before deciding to use Medi-Evil Excalibur.

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