Performance Creatine

Performance Creatine is a nonprescription supplement that is designed to enhance the results of bodybuilders. It is manufactured by a company called Bio-Synergy Ltd., which is based in the United Kingdom. That company has an official webpage for all of its products on its website. The page designated for this supplement is somewhat informative but is quite helpful when it comes to providing the type of information that is required for a bodybuilder to make the decisions that are right for him or her.

The ingredient that makes up Performance Creatine is creatine monohydrate, at a purity level of 99.9 percent, according to Bio-Synergy. Each dose contains 500 grams of the ingredient.

At the time of this review, the webpage provided extensive usage instructions, depending on the goal of the user.

For example, during the loading phase, it recommends that the creatine levels be increased so that it can be stored within the muscles, and that this be followed by a maintenance phase that will allow the creatine levels in the muscles to remain the same.

For the loading phase, one scoop (which is the same as 5 grams) of the product can be used with the drink of preference of the user, such as water or juice. This should be repeated four times per day for the first five days. From that point on, a maintenance dose is recommended. That involves taking one scoop in the morning and another one after training or simply in the afternoon on a non-training day. Training days should also include an additional scoop right before bedtime.

The price of the product is competitive within this industry. The claim regarding Performance Creatine is that when taken according to the instructions, it will help to boost lean muscle mass gains, as well as power and strength. The manufacturer also says that it will help to enhance the endurance of the user.

As the only ingredient in this product is creatine monohydrate, it is difficult to see how this product is any different from the others on the market that are based exclusively on this ingredient in this amount. This means that if another good quality supplement containing this ingredient can be found, but at a better price, it would be difficult to come up with a reason to choose this one over the lower cost item. However, it should be noted that Bio-Synergy is known for producing high quality supplements.

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