Re:Active Re:Charge

Re:Active Re:Charge is a post workout protein shake that is sold by It is one of a very large number of products within the Re:Active brand, which targets such categories as bodybuilding and weight loss. This specific shake is designed to taste good and to provide an exerciser with a number of different helpful benefits that will allow them to enjoy better results from their workouts.

Among those benefits is assistance in re-energizing after having burned through a large number of calories and fats, stimulating the metabolism, to encourage the body to continue to burn calories and fats after the workout, and to do so more efficiently, and to provide the individual with a snack that tastes great.

At the time that this review was written, the DesirableBody website had a “Live Chat” feature that would message the site user every time this product was active, advertising a type of “challenge” that it was holding over 10 weeks, starting in January 2015. In it, it was seeking the participation of people who were enthusiastic and driven to reach their weight loss goals, and where they would be provided with the necessary equipment and supplements, in addition to a 10 week fitness and diet plan. Participation in the challenge, as well as receiving the products was free for individuals in the U.K.

This appears as though the company will be seeking the feedback from those individuals in order to be able to post testimonials on the website, or even potentially post the results as a type of comparison study among Re: Active products. At the time that this review was written, this was unclear.

The ingredients that make up Re:Active Re:Charge are: Maltodextrin, milk protein, whey protein concentrate* contains a source of milk, calcium phosphate, flavouring, cocoa powder, creatine monohydrate, xanthan gum, green tea extract, raspberry ketone, acai berry extract, sucralose (sweetener). In terms of providing energy and fat burning, it appears as though the only ingredient that has any research backing the claims is green tea extract. As there is 500 mg of green tea per serving, it contains the amount that was found to be successful in scientific study.

The red flags raise with the inclusion of raspberry ketone and acai berry extract, neither of which has been proven to provide any weight loss, fat loss, or other dieting benefit (other than some level of antioxidants, which are not directly linked with weight loss or body building results), and that are often included in formulas simply because of recent media hype.

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