Ripped Freak

Ripped Freak is a weight loss supplement that is meant specifically for bodybuilders and athletes. It is manufactured by a company called Pharma Freak, which produces many products for consumers within those categories. This particular pill is meant to work as a fat burner, which is meant to help active people to be able to burn away extra fat on the body with greater ease.

To be able to produce the fat burning effects, the manufacturer has combined three active ingredients: sweet red pepper extract, raspberry ketone extract, and green tea leaf extract. Sweet red peppers are a very common food all over the world. They are high in vitamins and nutrients, as well as some antioxidants. Although studies on this ingredient could not be found at the time of this review to suggest that it could be helpful in enhancing weight loss, the vegetable is made up of water and fiber that helps to keep the body feeling full, to flush out waste materials from the digestive tract, and it helps to maintain a stable glucose level within the bloodstream, which helps to reduce cravings for sweets. At the same time, though it is not known whether this is the impact of eating the vegetable itself or whether these benefits could be obtained from the extracts such as is the case in the ingredients of this product.

Raspberry ketone extract is a very hyped ingredient at the moment. It has received praise from dieters and celebrities alike. That said, there is very little scientific information linking this ingredient to any weight loss benefits. Far more study would be required before any claims could legitimately be made about this substance, its effectiveness for dieting, and its safety level.

Green tea leaf extract has seen some positive results in some studies that suggest that it could help to boost the ability of a dieter to lose weight when combined with proper eating habits and regular exercise. This is partly because this substance includes caffeine, which is a stimulant that can boost the body’s ability to burn fat. That said, it is important to note that a very high amount of green tea is required in order to produce this benefit. It is unknown whether or not adequate amounts have been used in this formula to create enough effect in the body to actually help with fat loss to the degree that it would be measurable every week or even every month.

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