Syntrax Nitrous

Syntrax Nitrous is a bodybuilding supplement that claims to be “the premier NO2-type product on the market”, according to its official website. The claim is that its formula contains the “most effective” NO2 compound and Di-L-Arginine-L-Malate that is based on arginine.

The compound is patent pending compound and it is not in pill form. The company claimed that it would require taking between 6 and 10 very large pills in order to take enough of the ingredient to be effective. However, they did point out that Di-L-Arginine-L-Malate has a very bland flavor, which makes it possible to blend Syntrax Nitrous with any of the user’s favorite beverages without creating an unpleasant flavor. Therefore, it is in the form of a powder that is mixed with juice, milk, or even water.

The Nitrous Malate Di-L-Argenine-L-Malate is the only active ingredient that was identified in the formula on the official product website or on the product package. In order to take the product properly, two servings (at one 5g scoop per servings – with 60 servings in a container) must be taken every day on an empty stomach. It is to be mixed with a beverage and consumed in its entirety.

At the time that this review was written, Syntrax Nitrous not only provided an NO2 supplement in an easy and convenient to consume product, but when compared to other similar products, it appears to be quite affordable. It is available at a number of large retailers online, which all sell it for approximately the same price. That said, there are some products that are available at a lower price, though whether or not they are as effective as this product has yet to be determined.

When compared to other nitric oxide products that are on the bodybuilding market, this one has received some rather positive consumer reviews. Though there are a smattering of negative comments, here and there, on the whole the response appears to be relatively positive. That said, it is also the general consensus that this product is not necessarily in a league of its own in this category of products. It is strong in terms of ingredients, efficacy, and cost, but there are others that can mirror those benefits.

Based on this information, it looks as though this is a product that is a good quality and is affordable and that Syntrax Nitrous can be considered one of several appealing options for bodybuilders looking for a nitrous oxide supplement. It is still highly recommended that a doctor be consulted before taking this product.

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