Maximuscle Thermobol

Thermobol is a fat burning product designed for bodybuilders by a company once called Maximuscle but that is now called Maxinutrition.  This is a sports nutrition company located in the United Kingdom and that is a GlaxoSmithKline UK Ltd. trade name.

What is Maximuscle Thermobol

New labels now refer to Maximuscle Thermobol as Maxinutrition Thermobol. This is one of many different products that this company produces with the bodybuilder in mind.  It has placed these supplements within its lean definition range. Those products are meant to help bodybuilders to be able to reduce the layer of fat overtop of their muscles in order to enhance shape and definition.


The manufacturer behind Maximuscle Thermobol, Maxinutrition, is well known and has a solid reputation, and the product is endorsed by a number of known athletes. However, it isn’t until you look at the list of ingredients in this product that you will be able to determine whether or not it might be safe and effective for you to use.

It is also highly recommended that you speak with your doctor before you start to use this or any other form of dietary supplement. The reason is that there is no single product that is safe for everyone.  Just because a supplement is appropriate and effective for one person, that doesn’t make it universal.  Speak with your doctor about the ingredients within this formula, and how you intend to use them.

Discuss your goals in taking these pills and whether or not it is likely that Maxinutrition Thermobol will suit your expectations and your health.  Talk about any health conditions you have, medications you are taking and other supplements you are using or that you intend to use at the same time as this product.  This will help you to rule out conflicts and interactions.

What are the MaxiMuscle Thermobol Ingredients?

The official webpage for this product on the manufacturer’s website reveals the entire list of ingredients that make up the Maximuscle Thermobol formula. It contains:

  • Bitter orange peel
  • Caffeine
  • Cayenne extract
  • Chromium
  • Green tea extract
  • Guarana seed powder
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B7
  • L-tyrosine

This Maxinutrition version of the formula has been updated over the original Maximuscle Thermobol ingredients, which were caffeine, L-tyrosine, vitamins B1, B5, B7, and B12, and chromium. Clearly, this new combination contains far more stimulants.  While this can be beneficial in giving you energy, alertness and focus, be aware that the dose of these stimulants is very high.


In Maxinutrition Thermobol, there are 325 mg of bitter orange peel (which contains the stimulant synephrine), as well as 148 mg of caffeine (which is about the same as drinking a cup and a half of coffee all in one shot) and 12 mg of guarana seed powder (a stimulant commonly used in energy drinks).  Be very careful to discuss this combination with your doctor as many people will experience side effects such as jitters, sleeplessness, nervousness, a racing heart and others when using this product.

That said, the original Maximuscle Thermobol was always high in stimulants.  The original formula’s full serving of this product contained 444mg of caffeine. Though it was quite responsible of the company to reveal that fact for consumers seeking to inform themselves before taking a pill, it also showed that this is quite a high amount of the stimulant. It equates to taking about 4 and a half cups of coffee all in a single shot. This could easily have been too strong for many people who are trying to burn fat for bodybuilding purposes.

How to Use This Product

In order to obtain the maximum benefit from these ingredients, the company recommends that its use be combined with the right workout and diet routine, as well as another one of the company’s products, called Protein Milk.

At the time of the writing of this review, the official website had nearly 120 customer reviews, most of which gave the product a 4 or 5 stars out of a possible 5. There were some customers that pointed out that they experienced side effects from this product, particularly when they drank coffee after having taken one of the pills.

This makes sense as the lead ingredient in the formula is caffeine, which is associated with many side effects such as jitters, nervousness, sleeplessness, headache, and others, particularly when taken in large doses as is the case in this product and when this product is combined with other stimulants.

If you do feel that this product is right for you, it may be appropriate to take a minimum possible serving to discover how the body reacts before taking a full dose.  Your body may build up a bit of a tolerance over time which might help to control certain side effects that you experience at the start.

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