Allmax Creatine

Allmax Creatine is an over the counter supplement that is designed to help bodybuilders to be able to gain lean muscle mass, boost their power and strength, and enhance their workout performance overall. This product is also supposed to provide users with a number of different therapeutic benefits, such as in stimulating protein synthesis, preventing the depletion of ATP, and enhancing cell volumization.

This product has been created to use the exclusive technology of the manufacturer, Allmax Nutrition Inc., called CreaMax, which was used to microparticulate (micronized) Creapure creatine, which is high grade creatine monohydrate sourced in Germany. The idea is that this will help to ensure that the maximum rate of absorption will be reached.

The type of pure creatine monohydrate that is used in Allmax Creatine is among the most highly researched forms of sports nutrition supplement. While it is not considered to be officially proven by the medical community, it has been time-tested by millions of bodybuilders worldwide. This particular product is manufactured using cGMP pharmaceutical processes to make sure that users will be able to count on purity and quality, for the best possible effectiveness.

In some preliminary and limited studies, there has been evidence that creatine can be used by bodybuilders for increasing endurance and strength by up to 15 percent, and that power output can rise by up to 30 percent, as can energy release for interval and short-burst physical activity.

According to the official manufacturer’s webpage for Allmax Creatine, the only active ingredient that is found within this formula is creatine monohydrate, which is included at 5 grams per teaspoon. The directions on the package recommend that this product be taken 5 grams at a time, twice per day during the loading phase. During the maintenance phase, that amount should be halved, so that 5 grams is being taken only once per day.

To take it, it should be mixed with a glass of water or juice. The loading phase should be followed for 5 to 7 days, only. In terms of cycling, the manufacturer recommends 8 weeks on this product, and then 2 weeks off, before starting the cycle once again.

This product is not meant to cause lean muscle growth on its own. It requires that the user keep up with a proper nutrition and exercise schedule in order to be able to support those efforts and to provide the benefits listed on the official website.

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