Creatine Freak

Creatine Freak markets itself as being the most powerful creatine supplement that bodybuilders can buy on today’s market. Though this product is readily available at third party online sellers, the official manufacturer of this pill, PharmaFreak, no longer lists it on their website. They do, however, list a Creatine Freak 2.0, suggesting that they might be in the transition of replacing the original formula.

What is Creatine Freak?

This product is based on creatine, which is frequently used by bodybuilders to help them to increase muscle hydration and some believe that it may also help them to lower the recovery time that is needed after a workout. That said, Creatine Freak claims to go above and beyond the typical basic muscle pump creatine supplement.

Creatine Freak Ingredients

The ingredients within this supplement currently include concentrated creatine hydrochloride (HCl) at 1500 mg per three-capsule serving. It also includes a mind-muscle absorption complex that is made up of beta-alanine, oleuropein aglycone, and AstraGin™ (from the astralagus plant).

Claims and Benefits

The benefits that are said to be connected to the use of this product include saturating the muscles and encouraging more new growth while boosting power, strength, endurance, and athletic performance, while improving recovery. They are also supposed to better the connection between the mind and the muscles, to provide better cognitive function, strength, and performance.

It uses AstraGin, which is a trademarked ingredient that they claim is clinically proven and that is an absorption enhancing agent. This is meant to help to improve the amount of creatine that is actually taken in by the body to ensure that the maximum benefit can be received.

How is This Product Unique?

The creatine within this product, is not all that different from any other supplement. It is the Mind-Muscle absorption complex that makes it stand out a little. Unfortunately, while the site does provide a good amount of information, it never actually makes any reference to scientific or clinical studies that would indicate that their claims about the ingredients are actually proven in any way. There also isn’t any customer feedback or discussion to help to suggest that people have used it successfully.

Final Thoughts About Creatine Freak

Though it does seem as though this product has everything that is needed to give any other creatine supplement a run for its money, it has not shown itself to be adequate in terms of stepping above and beyond that type of supplementation. If it is capable of doing so, this could not be established through the information provided at the time of this review on the official website.

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