DeFine8 is a supplement powder made and sold by Musclewerks Inc. It is designed for people who are hoping to get more out of their workouts, who want to achieve better muscle definition and who are tired of yo-yo dieting. It is advertised as a fat burner that will allow you to get results without having to spend “crazy hours at the gym.”

While the official website does boast about the ingredients that are supposed to boost the metabolism, shrink the appetite and enhance energy levels, it doesn’t actually identify what those ingredients are. This is unfortunate as it makes it much more challenging for dieters and athletes to be able to understand what the product is truly about. Without a list of ingredients, the consumer is required to simply blindly believe whatever the marketing materials claim.

In an industry that is not regulated by the FDA and that is continually being caught for one scam or another, a little bit of transparency from a company goes a long way. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the tack this manufacturer has taken. This doesn’t mean that it is necessarily dubious or that its product won’t work. The problem is that it doesn’t provide any way of verifying those things.

The product is designed to be a powder that must be mixed into a liquid to become a beverage that the dieter will then consume before workouts. The claims on the official site say that it is the best tasting powdered thermogenic. There is only one customer review on the website, but that person did confirm that they liked the taste. That said, there are three flavors and the reviewer didn’t identify which one they selected.

The three flavors that are available include: Green Apple, Pink Lemonade and Mango Orange. To Use this product, a ½ scoop is supposed to be mixed with 5 to 6 ounces of cold water by shaking them together. It also recommends that a full level scoop be mixed with 10 to 12 ounces of cold water and consumed ahead of a workout. One serving counts as half a scoop and no more than two servings should be consumed within any single span of 24 hours.

The description of the product frequently refers to energy boosting, which suggests that there is likely at least one stimulant in this product, if not more than one. The FAQ section of the website also recommends that this product not be combined with stimulant products, which also indicates that DeFine8 contains stimulants as side effects can occur if that type of substance is used in excessive amounts.

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