Emma Diet Pills

Emma Diet Pills are non-prescription dieting supplements marketed as powerful weight loss pills. They claim to promote fat burning, increased energy, metabolism boosting and improved weight loss.

The Emma diet pills formula is made up of a proprietary blend. This means that while all the individual ingredients are indeed listed, their individual quantities are not. While it is possible for a company to use this technique in order to stop other companies from copying its formula, it does make it difficult for a dieter to be able to make sure the formula is appropriate for their needs.

After all, it’s all well and good to be able to research an ingredient and find out that it has been successfully used in studies, but without knowing whether the same amount of the ingredient has been used, it’s impossible to decide if similar results will be achieved with the product.

At the time this review was written, the Emma Diet Pill ingredients consisted of: hibiscus, peppermint, buckthorn, dandelion, corn silk, rhaponticum carthamoides, birch leaf (which, on the package is written as “birch leafy” – a typo that doesn’t bode well for the care taken by this company in the labeling of its product), laminaria sugar (again, a typo that says “laminaria sugary” on the package), beans (no indication of what kind), horsetail and lactose.

Though many of these ingredients are commonly found in natural remedies and supplements, it is interesting that very few of them are typical in weight loss pills. The reason is that most of them don’t promote the types of benefits that this product claims to provide. At best, some of these ingredients soothe indigestion or promote healthy skin.

Dandelion root is often used as a diuretic to lose excess water weight when it has been overly retained. That said, it won’t cause fat loss and it doesn’t help weight other than flushing out excess fluids in the tissues. If there isn’t any excess, then that weight will be replaced once the individual rehydrates.

While there are many benefits associated with the ingredients in this product, very few – if any – of them have much to do with weight loss. If your goal is to obtain support in order to more effectively stick to your diet and exercise regimen and reach your weight goals, there are many other products on the market that are geared more specifically toward that purpose.

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