• Uses natural ingredients
• May boost energy levels
• Contains a researched ingredient


• May lead to unwanted side effects
• Not appropriate for all dieters
• Sold in very few places


Napsil is a dietary supplement marketed as a pill that can help dieters to lose weight more quickly and easily. That said, the product marketing also suggests that it offers a range of other benefits. Among them include better immune health, improved circulation.

Why Take Napsil?

According to the product’s official description and packaging, it is meant to boost weight loss through fat burning ingredients and appetite suppressants. Its manufacturer, M. International, promises rapid and significant weight loss. It claims to have been designed by experts and states that users will gain lots of energy that they can use to keep up with their days.

The supplement is also supposed to support overall wellness as Napsil helps with powerful weight loss. For instance, it claims that people will remain healthier while they take it due to the immune system support it offers. Moreover, it also claims to be good for cardiovascular health because it improves circulation. That said, it’s very important to take a closer look at the ingredients before believing any claims made about this product.

Napsil Ingredients

Napsil’s formula is made completely of natural substances. There are only three ingredients that make up this product and they are meant to provide the long list of benefits promised in the marketing. The product is made by a company named M. International, though no official website for that company could be located at the time this review was written.

For that reason, the manufacturing practices – or even the location of the headquarters of the company – could not be confirmed. This makes it difficult to obtain any official information about how the product is made or what it contains.

The Napsil product packaging identifies three active ingredients within these pills. They include: Cha De Bugre, Green Tea Leaf and Guarana. Each of those ingredients have undergone some amount of scientific study, though some more than others. Moreover, while they may have been researched, there are certain factors that cast doubt on the potential of this product to live up to the potential suggested by the studies.

For instance, while green tea leaf extract has been shown to be a promising weight loss pill ingredient in reputable research, this product contains only 200 milligrams of that substance. That is less than half of the amount typically found to be helpful in weight loss research.

The most likely benefit dieters could gain from Napsil according to research on the ingredients in this list is an energy boost. This is because it contains proven stimulants such as the caffeine in guarana. Guarana is a common stimulant-containing ingredient found in energy drinks.


It’s a good idea to note that although some people may use Napsil safely, it contains ingredients that are not appropriate for some users. The strong stimulants within this formulation make it inappropriate for people with certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure or heart disease. Moreover, pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid using this product. It is not safe to combine with certain other medications – prescription or over the counter. It should not be used in combination with food or beverages also containing stimulants such as coffee, energy drinks and so on. Consult a doctor before using Napsil.

Final Napsil Ranking Calculations

Here’s the breakdown of how we ranked Napsil. For more information about our ranking system, visit our page about How We Decide On the Best Diet Pill Rankings.

Napsil Total Score: 6.6/10

Ingredient Safety

  • Possibly Unsafe Ingredients: 2 points deducted for a lack of safety evidence to determine whether or not Cha de Bugre is safe, according to WebMD.
    • Banned Ingredients: No deductions.
    • Ingredients studied and proven safe: 0.2 points added for two ingredients in Napsil that were studied and determined to be possibly safe when used over the short term, in small amounts by healthy adults. According to WebMD, green tea is possibly safe to take by mouth in small doses. The 200 mg dose used over the short-term suits that definition. Moreover, the same organization also points out that research shows that guarana is possibly safe to take medicinally by mouth over the short-term.

Formula Effectiveness

  • Ingredients not studied in reputable clinical research: 2 points deducted because Cha de Bugre has not been studied in reputable clinical research for weight loss or virtually any other medicinal purpose, says WebMD.
    • Ingredients proven ineffective: No deductions
    • Ingredients shown in reputable studies to be potentially beneficial to weight loss: 0.4 points added for green tea leaf and guarana. According to WebMD, Green Tea has been shown to help obese people to reduce their body weight. Moreover, though not yet proven, guarana is looking increasingly promising in studies using it for weight loss related purposes, says WebMD.
    • Ingredients clinically proven for weight loss in reputable research: No additions.

Overall User Reviews

Average User Rating: No points added for Napsil

Update June 2021

As of June 2021, neither Napsil nor its manufacturer, M International, could be found online.  It appears that the product has been discontinued, and it may be that the company has either shut down or changed names without leaving a trail from its former name to find the new one.

If you were considering the use of a pill like Napsil, it’s best to turn your attention in a new direction. Even if you were to find a bottle of the product online from a third-party store that had not yet sold its entire inventory, it’s best to avoid it. There is no way to know whether the product has expired, and as the company is either no longer in operation or cannot be easily found, you would find yourself without support if something were to go wrong. Moreover, if you were to have a reaction to the product, your doctor would not be able to contact the company to ask questions in order to better your care.

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