Napsil is a nonprescription diet pill that is made up of a formula built on natural ingredients. According to the claims on the official website for this product, it should function as a rapid and yet safe diet aid. These pills are supposed to help dieters by boosting their metabolic rates. In doing so, this can speed up the body’s ability to burn through calories and fats. That said, the website also says it will help to reduce cellulite levels at the same time. Moreover, this is also supposed to work as an appetite suppressant.

While all those claims are quite standard within the over the counter weight loss industry, what starts to raise a red flag is the fact that the claims also extend to specific parts of the body. The official website says it will decrease fat levels in the belly, abs, back and thigh areas. It also says that this product helps in the support of overall circulatory and immune health.

The reason those additional claims are problematic is that there isn’t a single substance, combination of substances or even a workout or exercise that will target the fat on a specific part of the body. While it is possible to tone muscle on a specific part of the body, when it comes to the fat layer that exists there, it cannot be targeted specifically with a formula or workout. Therefore, the promises regarding Napsil are somewhat deceptive to dieters.

It should also be pointed out that there aren’t any individual foods or supplement ingredients that are known to improve the immune system. The reason is that the immune system is actually based on the function of a range of different parts of the body – only some of which are actually understood. Therefore, while eating a healthful diet and following a regular activity routine is good for immune health, it’s not technically possible to strengthen the immune system with specific ingredients in any proven way.

The ingredients that make up this formula are: Cha De Bugre, Green Tea Leaf and Guarana. This list of ingredients makes it clear that the majority of benefits from this product stem from its stimulant content. In fact the stimulants within this product are quite powerful which means that it won’t be appropriate for all users. A quick appointment with a doctor will help you to know whether or not this is a diet pill that is safe for you to use. Still, even if it is safe for you, it may cause certain side effects to occur. These can include anything from mild headaches, jitters and anxiety to heart palpitations, increased blood pressure and a rise in heart rate.

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