Skinny Minnies Boost & Burn

Skinny Minnies Boost & Burn are a supplement that can be used either by people who want to lose weight or by people who are hoping to get more out of every session at the gym. This formulation is designed to boost the rate of the metabolism in order to help to promote faster weight loss. At the same time, this same process provides an “explosive” level of energy which can also make it appealing to people who want to power through an intensive gym session and get the very most out of their efforts.

According to the official brand website and the individual webpage for this product, Skinny Minnies Boost & Burn can support weight loss, it can also support training, and can give the user a tremendous amount of energy.

In order to be able to achieve those benefits, the ingredients that make up each capsule include 200 mg of caffeine anhydrous, 150 milligrams of citrus aurantium, 16 mg of niacin, 10 mg of green tea, 10 mg of guarana and 2 mg of N-acetyl L-carnitine.

Red flags should raise as soon as anyone with experience in stimulants sees this formulation. It is highly important to speak with a doctor or at least a pharmacist before taking this product. The reason is that it contains exceptionally high levels of stimulants which will not only place many users at risk of unpleasant side effects but it could also be hazardous for people with certain common medical conditions to use this product.

To begin with, there are only 2 ingredients within this formula that don’t contain stimulants in oene way or another. Three of these ingredients are powerful stimulants and two of them are in very high doses. The amount of caffeine anhydrous alone is the same as backing down two cups of coffee, one after the other, like shots. That said, citrus aurantium also contains synephrine, which is another powerful stimulant, and that doses is very high as well. Not to mention the guarana which is the type of caffeine-containing ingredient that is found in a large number of energy drinks.

Furthermore, the FDA has cautioned dieters against products that contain both synephrine and caffeine as it increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. This product happens to include a large dose of both those ingredients and in the case of caffeine, it is found in four of the ingredients in this formulation.

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