Wonderslim Thermogenic Blend

WonderSlim Thermogenic Blend is an over the counter weight loss pill designed to function as a fat blocker, a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. Furthermore, it is also meant to provide antioxidants. The name of the product suggests that it functions as a thermogenesis booster, but clearly the claims on the WonderSlim official brand go well beyond that.

These pills are meant to be used along with a healthy diet and regular exercise. The idea is that the product won’t produce all the benefits on its own, but will instead make dieting easier and enhance the results of the efforts.

Interestingly, the official webpage for WonderSlim Thermogenic Blend points to three of the ingredients in its formula – 98% theobromin cocoa extract, green tea extract and yerba mate – as the substances that provide the antioxidants. That said, those ingredients were likely to have been included for far different reasons than that. While it is true that those substances contain antioxidants, their impact on weight loss comes from very different effects than just that. For instance, they all contain caffeine, particularly yerba mate.

The stimulant in this formula is the substance most likely to cause the thermogenesis and, potentially even the appetite suppression. It is unclear why the marketing for this product focused on the antioxidants in those ingredients as opposed to the effects that could potentially support weight loss. Particularly as it lists shellfish-derived chitosan as a fat blocker. If the company was hoping to describe the ingredients with regards to the benefits a dieter may be able to actually feel, that description of green tea, yerba mate and theobromin cocoa extract was an unexpected one.

At the time this review was written, the WonderSlim Thermogenic Blend ingredients were: vitamin B6, iodine, chromium picolinate, guarana (including 100 mg of naturally-occuring caffeine), cocoa extract, yerba mate powder, green tea extract, garcinia cambogia, chitosan, gymnema sylvestre powder, babana, calcium pyrubate, apple cider vinegar, grapefruit powder, coleus forskohlii powder, white willow bark powder, uva ursi powder, juniper berry powder, bucha leaf powder and cayenne pepper.

The directions for this product recommend taking 1 to 2 pill per day with meals. Ideally, it recommends one pill in the morning and one in the early afternoon. Interestingly, the directions on the official website refer to the product as both a tablet and a capsule, which are two very different types of pill. While it does call the pill a capsule more frequently, including in the description of the product where it states that each bottle contains 90 capsules, and in the directions, where it says “1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule early afternoon,” the product package says that it contains tablets. This may only be a typo, but it is one that could mislead customers and provide them with false expectations of what they are purchasing.

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