Health Supplement Types

There are many different health supplement types available today in order to help you to achieve any number of different kinds of goals. These are all designed to help you to improve your overall health or achieve a specific outcome without the use of prescription drugs, which are associated with the risk of powerful side effects.

The following are the eight types of health supplement types:

  • Amino acids
  • These are a central part of your body’s ability to function as they are the building blocks of proteins. As health supplement types, they are most commonly used by bodybuilders who want to try to increase their muscle mass by encouraging more effective healing and recovery after workouts.
  • Bodybuilding
  • These come in a range of different sub-types, all of which eventually have to do with producing the largest and healthiest muscles while burning off excess fat, and having the energy to keep up with the necessary workouts.
  • Creatine
  • Among the health supplement types, this is also often used by bodybuilders as it helps to provide the muscles and body with energy in order to power through the next set of reps.
  • Energy
  • These are based on stimulants and other types of ingredients that will help to keep the body energized and the mind alert.
  • Hormone
  • There are many reasons that people might take health supplement types that provide hormones to the body. For example, they can help to boost muscle mass more quickly with or without the use of steroids.
  • Protein
  • Protein is not only a central part of daily nutrition, but it is also vital to keeping up a slow release energy level and to the growth of muscles.
  • Vitamins
  • These health supplement types are among the most basic forms of basic nutrition, but certain individual ones can also be selected to help with mental health, to promote improved function of certain organs or body systems, or to achieve specific goals such as weight loss or bodybuilding.

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