Monster Protein

Monster Protein is a type of dietary supplement that brings casein and whey protein together. The benefits of using it, according to its manufacturer, CytoSport, are that it helps to promote lean muscle growth and support muscle recovery. The supplement, itself, is quite low in fat, at only 3 grams per serving, and keeps carbs relatively low, as well, at only 12 grams per serving. Assuming that it provides the protein boost that it claims, this could make it a solid addition to any building diet plan.

Where is Monster Protein Sold?

The Monster Protein supplement is available through the manufacturer’s official website, which includes an adequate amount of information regarding its ingredients list and the recommended serving size. It is also a relatively inexpensive product when compared to similar supplements on the market that use comparable ingredients and that offer similar amounts of protein.

What’s in Monster Protein?

The ingredients list in the “Monster Protein Blend” is quite an extensive one. At the head is milk protein isolate, calcium sodium caseinate, micellar casein, whey protein concentrate, whey protein hydrolysate, and whey protein isolate, among many others.

This product comes in five different flavors, which allows a customer the chance to either choose his or her favorite one, or to select them all in order to make sure that they never become bored. The flavors are chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, cookies and cream, and banana. The recommended serving size of Monster Protein comes in under 200 calories, and contains 25 grams of protein. It does not contain any stimulants, though it does contain an artificial sweetener.

What Makes Monster Protein Different?

This product has taken the extra step of including amino acids in its blend. This is an important substance for helping in the creation of muscle tissue. That said, the actual quantity within the formulation is quite minimal. It is unlikely that they will make much of a difference, overall, and it is recommended that anyone using this product make sure that they eat a healthy diet that contains high levels of amino acids, instead of relying exclusively on this product.

What Does This Product Cost?

On the official website, Monster Protein was being sold for approximately $39.99 for a 2 pound tub, or $74.99 for a 4 pound container. This is quite competitive with the price of other similar products on the market.

Overall this seems like a relatively good protein supplement that is competitive with other similar product on the market that have similar claims and prices.

September 2019 Update

As of September 2019, it appears that Monster Protein has been discontinued.  Efforts to seek out the official website that once existed were unsuccessful as were attempts to find a third party retailer selling the product.

How to Choose an Alternative Protein Supplement

As Monster Protein is no longer available, if you are looking for this type of a supplement, you will need to seek an alternative. To make sure you’re using a product that suits your body type, health and goals, it’s a good idea to do a bit of homework in advance for your selection.  Use these tips to help you to make sure you’re choosing a product that is right for you:

  • Look for a brand you can trust. If someone recommends a brand to you or if you stumble across one online, take a moment to look into that brand.  See if there have been any complaints registered about their customer service, products or other factors.
  • Read real supplement reviews. It’s all well and good to see great testimonials on a product’s official website but try looking for customer ratings and reviews from third party sites as well.  Read both the good and the bad to get a feel for the true experience you can expect.
  • Check out the product’s official website. If a product’s manufacturer, brand or product doesn’t have an official website, then it’s often best to keep going and find something else to use. If they haven’t made the effort to make their official information available to you, then who knows what other corners they may be cutting?
  • Seek out only high-quality ingredients. It may seem like a good idea to choose a lower quality product so you can save money, but when it all comes down to it, if the product isn’t the best quality, the odds are that its results won’t live up to your expectations. A cheap product that doesn’t provide the benefits you need is just a waste of your money.

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