Reflex Nutrition Micro Whey

Reflex Nutrition Micro Whey Review

Reflex Nutrition Micro Whey is a protein supplement shake meant to help dieters, athletes and bodybuilders to receive the protein they need in their diet where it is lacking from the whole foods they are eating.

The Reflex Nutrition website claims their Micro Whey protein shake is their “most potent whey product.” This product is meant to provide users with a delicious tasting shake that will give them a digestible, usable form of protein in the form of biologically active whey peptides. This product contains extremely low levels of sugars, carbohydrates and fats. This makes it a potentially solid option for people who are looking to boost their protein exclusively, without tampering with their intake of other macronutrients. The website states that it offers an 88 percent protein content, which is “market-leading.”

The whey protein isolate in Reflex Nutrition Micro Whey is from grass-fed cattle milk sourced in the European Union. The company guarantees that Reflex Nutrition Micro Whey is free of banned antibiotics and growth hormones common place within the American dairy industry. This product is high in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and includes trademarked digestive enzymes (Digezyme) and bacillus friendly bacteria (LactoSpore).

Anyone seeking to improve their muscle mass or maintain what they have already built can use this product as a part of their overall nutrition. It is meant to be used in conjunction with regular activity and workouts, including everything from gym sessions, bodybuilding, sports, Pilates or even yoga. The official website also points out that this type of protein, when used with regular exercise, can also be helpful in maintaining normal bones.

Dieters on a high protein and low fat or low carb diet may also like products such as Reflex Nutrition Micro Whey that are based on whey protein isolate as it doesn’t contain as much fat or carbs as whey protein concentrate. This product has a low lactose content, which helps to make it easier to take for people who experience digestive issues when using high lactose products.

That said, as this is a dairy based supplement, this means that it is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians who do not consume dairy products.

To use this product according to the package directions, it recommends taking two to three servings of Reflex Nutrition Micro Whey per day, preferably right after completing a training session. To do this, 30 grams of the product (a scoop is provided to measure the powder) must be mixed with 300 ml (10 ounces) of water or skimmed milk using a blender or a shaker cup.

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