Dr Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin For Pear Body Types

Dr. Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin for Pear Body Types is one of two products that the famous television celebrity has endorsed – the other being for the Apple body type.

What is Dr. Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin for Pear Body Types?

There is an interesting difference between these nutritional supplement products, as the ingredients that are listed could be found in virtually any other similar supplement. This suggests that these products are not entirely unique other than the way in which they have been marketed for specific body types. At the time of the review, the manufacturer did not identify why the ingredients and nutritional balances that were chosen would be beneficial to a specific body type.

Each Dr. Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin for Pear Body Types pill includes a very long list of different ingredients which include vitamins, minerals, herbs, and extracts, as well as a list of substances that are often found in over the counter weight loss pills. These include garnicia cambogia, opuntia cactus, eleuthero root, kola nut extract, green tea extract, and others.

What Does This Product Promise?

Dr. Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin for Pear Body Types appears to be a combination diet pill and multivitamin, though the marketing for the product seems to focus far more on the former goal than the latter. Unfortunately, there are substances in this product that have been called into question in terms of their safety, which means that many dieters may hesitate to use them as they err to the side of safety, particularly if they consult with their doctors, first.

For instance, while garnicia cambogia used to be considered a safe substance to use, there have recently been a growing number of reports of liver damage associated with the use of this ingredient in weight loss pills. Therefore, many more reputable companies have started to eliminate it from their formulas.

Similarly, kola nut has been connected with a number of unpleasant side effects both because of its high caffeine content and several other of its properties. Unfortunately, the actual caffeine content of this product is not revealed on the label, so it is difficult to tell whether stimulant linked side effects should be expected from the use of Dr. Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin for Pear Body Types.

The Problem with Dr. Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin for Pear Body Types

Even if these ingredients were safe to use, it is never explained why they were selected for use by people who have a pear body type and why they would not also be appropriate for people with an apple body type.

That said, the problem has gone much deeper than that. To use Dr Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin for Pear Body Types, users had to pay $120 per month to swallow 22 pills per day.  If this was backed by scientific facts and produced the results promised, many people likely would have gladly paid that amount and swallowed all those pills each day.

However, without any real scientific proof to back up the “apple” and “pear” theories and with such a large expense behind the use of this product, it wasn’t long before a class action lawsuit was filed against the television celebrity.  Though the literature for the product praised it for its research supported formula, this was not necessarily the case.

The lawsuit showed that there wasn’t any scientific proof behind the formula because the product was a dietary supplement.  This category of products isn’t legally required to undergo clinical trials.  Since it is not a drug, it is not regulated as such. Instead, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) – a controversial 1994 law – allows supplements to be sold unless they or their ingredients have been specifically banned.

The law is considered to be highly insufficient by many states, consumer groups and even reputable supplement companies. Federal oversight is light enough that New York and a number of other states have made moves to implement their own regulations for supplement sales.  Before 1994, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could declare that a supplement was inadequately tested or was unsafe. After the law, it placed the responsibility in the hands of the consumer, who must now do his or her own research.

February 2020 Update

As of February 2020, Dr. Phil’s Shape Up! Multivitamin for Pear Body Types could no longer be found for sale.  It is assumed that this product has been discontinued. It did receive a considerable amount of national attention, but this was primarily due to the class-action lawsuit initiated by three customers but that opened up to thousands of potential plaintiffs from across the country.

The lawsuit accused Dr. Phil McGraw of defrauding his fans and followers with his diet supplements, which he continued pushing for about a year.



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