One a Day Women’s

One a Day Women’s formula is a type of multivitamin product that was created specifically to help women to supplement their own unique nutritional requirements. Among the top priorities of this product, as listed on the package and its marketing literature, is breast health and bone strength. It is designed for adult women and is meant to be combined with an overall healthy lifestyle that includes fitness appropriate activities and a nutritious diet.

What’s in One a Day Women’s Multivitamin?

The One a Day Women’s formula includes a long list of vitamins and minerals in a balance that is designed to be appropriate to the health needs that are specific to women. Beside breast health and bone strength, it is also meant for heart health, healthy skin, support to the immune system, reproductive system health, and nutrition throughout menopause and PMS.

While many of the nutrients contained in the formula are the same as those you’d see in any adult multivitamin, this product does include additional vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for health concerns specific to women. Moreover, while there are many nutrients in this formula that are necessary for both sexes, the quantity and balance are supposed to be more appropriate to what the average woman needs from her diet.

What Does the Manufacturer Claim?

The claims that the manufacturers of this product make regarding the impact of the vitamins and minerals on the various systems and parts of the body are well supported by science and reputable studies that have been conducted over a long period of time.

That said, the studies don’t necessarily point to the specific balance that has been created by the team at One a Day for specific use by women. Moreover, by reading the product packaging, the claims do feel somewhat overdramatic. The primary benefit to a woman’s health comes from her overall lifestyle. This type of product is meant only to fill in gaps when the complete balance isn’t quite met in a given day.

Is This Truly the Ultimate Formula for Women?

Just because claims are made on packaging and marketing literature, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can automatically believe them.  It’s always a good idea to do your homework and look into the claims and whether or not they should truly be believed.  There are many places you can look for additional information about products, including examining research cited by the manufacturer (including both results and the quality and the research itself). It’s also a good idea to look into reputable professional and customer reviews.  While those are less scientific, they can help you to gain a new perspective in language that is easier to understand than medical research.

When taking a close look at this product’s balance, it does look as though the quantities align with other similar products, and it does offer a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are important for women’s bodies. What is notable about this balance is that the nutrients that are added to the formula that are specific for women’s health do appear to be included in rather low amounts.

One a Day Women’s Side Effects

Among the primary complaints that have been made regarding the use of this product is that it upsets the stomach of some of the users. Other customers have responded by saying that as long as it is taken with food –as is the recommendation on the product directions – then any upset stomach can be overcome.

If you find that taking One a Day Women’s is causing you to feel side effects such as nausea, even when taken with food, discontinue use and talk to your doctor.  You may find that there are other techniques that you can use to reduce the risk of side effects.  That said, you may also discover that this simply isn’t the right product for you.  While this is meant to be used by the average healthy woman, there is no single supplement that is appropriate for everyone. You may simply need to find a different one for your own unique needs.

Extra Points to Consider

It has also been pointed out that this product is frequently more expensive than the competition without providing any additional benefits. Therefore, it may be worth your while to comparison shop or wait for sales and stock up, if this is the product you feel is best for you.  Alternately, compare the price of this product to others you feel may be just as beneficial but that are less expensive.  You may find that this is only one of several you could use to supplement your nutrition.

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