Soylent is a type of meal replacement product that has been gaining a growing amount of attention in the media and through YouTubers who review unique products. It was created by Rosa Labs and is now in its second generation of formulas.

It was developed by a team under Robrt Rhineheart. Rhineheart had the idea to creat a “simpler food source” after having observed a trend among people who struggled with the time and effort required to ensure they were eating nutritionally complete and balanced meals.

The idea behind Soylent is to provide adults with a staple meal that will supposedly ensure the user will enjoy “maximum nutrition with minimum effort.” It has yet to be determined whether this is truly a nutritionally complete option and whether or not a person could achieve ideal health by eating only this food. That said, as a replacement for the occasional meal, it is unlikely to do any harm.

The original form of this product was as a powder and oil which were meant to be mixed together and then combined with water. That said, the second version has been pre-mixed and is already sold as a liquid. The pre-mixed version is becoming more popular than the powder due to the fact that it is more convenient and its consistency is said to be more appealing. The liquid version is made of a long list of ingredients. However, those that top the list include soy protein, algal oil, isomaltulose and a number of vitamins and minerals . Every bottle of this product is a serving. It contains 400 calories with 37 grams of carbohydrates, 21 grams of fat and 20 grams of protein. It also contains 25 vitamins and minerals, 300 mg of sodium, 3grams of fiber, 0 trans fats, 2 grams of saturated fat and no cholesterol.

The powder version is slightly different, with top ingredients including brown rice protein, oat flower, sunflower oil, and a spectrum of micronutrients. This form contains 57 grams of carbs, 23 grams of fats, and 20 grams of protein. That said, it has 500 calories per serving and 23 micronutrients. It also has no cholesterol or trans fats, with slightly more saturated fat at 2.5 grams. It has slightly less sodium at 280 grams and contains the same amount of fiber (3 grams).

One serving of Soylent is meant to replace a complete meal. While this isn’t specifically designed for weight loss, many people have chosen to use this product to replace one or more meals per day to make certain they stay on track in terms of calorie consumption, while still eating a healthful balance of nutrients.

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