Can You Really Use an Ice Cream Diet to Lose Weight?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was such thing as an ice cream diet? Wouldn’t it be great if all you needed to do was eat your favorite dessert on a regular basis and you could watch the pounds simply melt off your body like a scoop of rocky road on a hot summer day?

Believe it or not, there is such thing as an ice cream diet. That said, before you head off to pick up a few gallons of the best flavors your supermarket has to offer, it’s a good idea to understand it, first. Remember that no healthy weight loss strategy will ever let you simply back down as much ice cream as you can eat. It simply can’t work that way.

The typical ice cream is high in sugar, fat, calories and low in nutrients. Eating only that would be your body’s worst nightmare (regardless of what your taste buds may think).

What is the Ice Cream Diet?

The Ice Cream Diet is based on a book by Holly McCord. It doesn’t involve eating all the ice cream you want or having different versions of it for every meal. Instead, it states that if you have a portion of the flavor that appeals to you the most every day, it will support your broader efforts to lose weight. Too good to be true? Maybe not.

There’s more to the ice cream diet than meets the eye. For one thing, you need to keep in mind that having a portion of ice cream once per day is only the start of your efforts. For the rest of your day, you need to follow a healthy and balanced eating strategy.

There’s more to the ice cream diet than meets the eye.

Why Would This Dieting Method Help?

The ice cream diet can be helpful to some dieters. It is particularly helpful to those who enjoy ice cream and would feel deprived without it. That said, it is not that particular treat that has anything to do with making it easier to lose the pounds. In fact, that food could be subbed out for virtually any other type of dessert as long as it is eaten in the correct portion size and only once per day.

The value in the ice cream diet is in making sure that the person who is trying to lose weight never feels like he or she is being deprived. Indeed, he or she will need to eat a nutritious, balanced diet. Perhaps calorie counting will be involved, or maybe it will be a low carb or low fat diet. Whichever the option, there is always a great treat to look forward to each day. Moreover, the treat is the dieter’s choice.

As a result of always having something to look forward to and because the ice cream diet encourages eating healthfully the rest of the time, it can be very helpful to some dieters. Dieters who aren’t satisfied by a meal until they have dessert at night are most likely to enjoy this particular eating style.

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