The Link Between Weight and the Immune System According to Science

Ongoing research has underscored the connection between weight and the immune system.  That said, it’s a link we’re ignoring all too frequently.  After all, the most common driver for weight control is appearance.  When taking health into consideration, we tend to think of heart health and cholesterol levels, but immune system strength doesn’t typically make its way into the mix.

How to Improve the Weight and the Immune System Connection

It’s believed that one of the primary reasons behind the connection between weight and the immune system is inflammation.  Research has shown that the more excess body fat someone carries, the greater the amount of inflammation that may occur.  As a result, this has a negative impact on the health of the immune system.  This helps to explain at least one component of the weight and the immune system link.

It is because of that weight and the immune system connection that many doctors will advise achieving and maintaining a healthy body mass to improve overall health.  This can help to reduce inflammation.  As a result, many people experience reduced suffering from issues such as pain, redness, and swelling.  Moreover, it can also help to reduce your chances of getting sick and can help you to recover faster when you do catch something.

Inflammation and the Metabolism

Interestingly, the link between weight and the immune system can also explain why it can be easier or harder for you to keep your B.M.I. under control.  The reason is that when you are overweight or obese and our level of inflammation is raised, it can cause harm to your metabolism.

Taking action to control your weight can help you to speed up your metabolism by reducing inflammation.  This includes eating healthier foods in appropriate quantities and keeping up an active lifestyle.  Not only will these efforts help you to drop excess pounds, but they will also help to make it easier to keep those pounds off over time.

Taking action to control your weight can help you to speed up your metabolism by reducing inflammation.

This is a very positive trend as building healthy eating and exercising habits are great for your body, but the more you do and maintain them, the easier it will be to stop the pounds from returning.  Your metabolic rate will rise, so you’ll burn through calories more efficiently and make it less likely for them to be stored as additional body fat.

As a result, this connection between weight loss and the immune system also helps to show why gradual, long-term traditional healthy lifestyles are better for you overall, and why any benefits of fad dieting are temporary and are likely negated by the likelihood that the pounds will return.

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