Actislim Platinum

Actislim Platinum is an over the counter weight loss supplement that was manufactured in order to respond to what the official website called a demand from their customers to boost their original formulation and provide a stronger result. Instead of replacing the original with something else, the manufacturer now offers both that formula, and this stronger version.

Unfortunately, neither the official product website nor the official manufacturer’s site offer a comparison between the two versions of the product so it is impossible to know exactly how different they are and how much more powerful the Actislim Platinum product is over the other option.

In fact, information as a whole was quite scarce on the official Actislim Platinum websites, at the time of this review. It is evident by the way that the pages are designed and by the limited information that is offered to the customer that the main function of the online presence is to sell the product and not to provide consumers with the opportunity to educate themselves about what it is and how it may be able to help them.

The sites state that this is a food supplement that is 100 percent natural. It claims that it will allow its users to be able to “achieve your personal lifestyle goal”, though it does not actually provide any details as to what kind of goal that could be. In fact, it never goes to the extent of specifically identifying weight loss as one of the potential results of the use of this product. This is rather concerning when taking into consideration the fact that this is being marketed within the diet pill category.

At no point are actual specific benefits identified by the manufacturer to indicate what a user can expect to experience or how it will assist in their achievement of this “personal lifestyle goal”. While it is promising when a company chooses not to make any false promises to its prospective customers, it is also rather worrying when it doesn’t make any specific claims, at all. There is no actual reason ever identified for a customer to choose to use this product over virtually any other substance currently on the market – or over nothing at all, for that matter.

The fact that the word “slim” has been incorporated into the name of the product is the closest that it comes to suggesting that the pill will do anything at all, other than shrink the user’s wallet.

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