Advantrim is an over the counter diet pill that is made by a company called Newton Everett. That manufacturer has a full line of weight loss products as well as other types of health and wellness supplements. In this case, these pills were made to help women and men, alike, to be able to enhance their fat burning abilities so that they will be able to burn through more calories than would be possible through diet and exercise, alone.

The goal of using Advantrim is to be able to make the weight loss process faster and easier for dieters who are already following a healthy weight loss strategy or who will be taking one on in conjunction with their use of the product.

At the time that this review was written, the official Newton Everett website featured a data sheet for this product that can benefit not only the effort to lose weight, but also overall health. To understand whether or not this is possible based on the ingredients within this product, it is important for a consumer to look into each individual substance and the research that has been conducted on it, as the official website does not cite any reputable studies that would suggest that it has been in any way directly linked to losing fat.

The official product data sheet for Avantrim lists the ingredients in the “Avantrim Blend” as: Advantra Z® (which contains citrus aurantium fruit extract, N-methyltyramine, tyramine, octopamine, and hordenine), cocoa seed extract, yerba mate extract, grape seed extract, and fisetin.

Instantly upon seeing this list, it should become clear that the majority (if not all) of the effects of this product are based on stimulants. While that can be helpful to some dieters, for many, it also means that there will be unwanted side effects with which they will need to content. Moreover, among those ingredients, it is important to point out that both synephrine and caffeine are present. Synephrine on its own is not recommended for dieters, according to the FDA, which released a warning against the use of that substance for weight loss. However, when combined with caffeine – an otherwise safe ingredient – it increases the user’s risk of heart attack and stroke, among other side effects.

For that reason, it is not only important to consult a doctor before using Advantrim, but it is also unlikely that the physician will recommend its use.

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