APEX-TX5: Our #7 Favorite Weight Management Tablet


APEX-TX5 is an over the counter weight management pill.  It is a popular option among overweight dieters seeking further support for their overall healthy weight loss strategies.  It isn’t uncommon to see customer reviews that refer to this non-prescription pill as an Adipex alternative.  That said, it’s important to point out that this is not the purpose for which this pill was developed.

When Adipex Pills Aren’t for You

APEX-TX5 is not meant to be used interchangeably with Adipex pills.  These two products are not intended for the same type of dieter.  Adipex is a prescription drug made of the generic medication called Phentermine HCl.  It is intended for obesity patients who are struggling to be able to lose the excess pounds on their own.  It comes with a series of different potential risks, which is why it is prescribed specifically to those patients and not to people who are trying to lose pounds for cosmetic reasons.

Instead, this is a weight loss strategy support supplement meant for healthy overweight adults with a BMI between 25 and 29.9.  Adipex is not an appropriate diet pill for them because they are not obese and don’t require an obesity treatment.  APEX-TX5 is a product designed to offer precisely the support needed to overcome some of the leading obstacles to getting the most out of a weight loss program and stick to it over time.

It’s precisely that assistance for healthy weight control support that has made APEX-TX5 as popular as it is.  Of course, it also helps that all the ingredients in this products formula have been clinically researched, and these tablets are manufactured in a United States facility.

How is APEX-TX5 Different?

APEX-TX5 does not contain any of the same active ingredients as Adipex, as it is not the same thing and is not meant for the same purpose.  That said, its ingredients are well understood and recognized among weight loss and wellness experts.  Dieters who are looking for extra support as they follow a healthy weight loss strategy can benefit from the use of these tablets. This product does not place its users at risk of powerful side effects and its ingredients are not associated with the development of chemical dependency.

Instead, APEX-TX5 provides overweight dieters with the added support they need to make healthy lifestyle changes that support long-term weight management.  It will not do the work for the dieter.  It will, on the other hand, provide benefits that will make it less challenging for a dieter to keep up with changes to diet and physical activity level, for instance.

Benefits such as energy boosting, focus enhancement and healthy metabolism support make it easier for dieters to become confident in the efforts they’re making. They know that they can overcome fatigue and power through a fat burning workout at their maximum performance level. They can also know that they’ll have the alertness and drive to make smart food choices that align with their eating plans.

It’s not difficult to see why dieters have made a favorite out of APEX-TX5 and why it has made it onto our top diet pills list.

Why Use APEX-TX5?

Regardless of your diet or exercise strategy, it’s always a good idea to begin with a talk with your doctor.  This will make it easier for you to know that you are choosing options that are safe and appropriate for your unique needs and expectations. After all, no two dieters are alike, so a talk with a doctor can provide you with insight that general information never could.

If you already know you want to use APEX-TX5 when you make your appointment to see your doctor, use the opportunity at the visit to discuss it with your health care provider.  That way, you will be able to feel confident in your choice.  Key information about the product is available on the product package and on the official website of the company that makes it, Intechra Health Inc. This helps both you and your doctor to know that the ingredients have all been well researched and do not include anything dubious, dangerous or even banned such as synephrine, ephedra or ephedrine.

APEX-TX5 ingredients have been researched as energy boosters, focus enhancers and supporters for a healthy metabolic rate.

These ingredients have been researched as energy boosters, focus enhancers and supporters for a healthy metabolic rate.  That way, dieters following a calorie-controlled diet that includes regular exercise will reduce the challenges between themselves and keeping up their healthy efforts

APEX-TX5 Ingredients

The APEX-TX5 proprietary formula contains the following ingredients: Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl, Caffeine, Beta-Phenylethylamine HCl, L-Tyrosine and Theobromine. Each of these substances has undergone clinical research. That research has associated their use with:

  • Energy level improvement, making it easier to feel driven to do exercises, to pour more effort into completing the exercises and avoid fatigue that would otherwise slow you down.
  • Focus enhancement, to make it more natural to stick with a diet and exercise program without losing concentration on the goal and how to get there.
  • Healthy metabolic support, to feel confident that the body is running efficiently throughout the effort to burn off the excess pounds.

APEX-TX5 User Reviews

Dieters consistently praise APEX-TX5 for its formula and the benefits they’ve enjoyed as they seek their weight loss goals. It has also made it onto quite a few professional top lists for diet pills.  It is not uncommon for customers to leave 5 star reviews on any of the many reputable sites on which this product is sold.

Final APEX-TX5 Ranking Calculations

The following is a breakdown of the specifics used for ranking and scoring APEX-TX5. For more information on our ranking system, continue reading.

Ingredient Safety

Ingredient Safety:

Four ingredients in APEX-TX5’s proprietary formula to support their safe use by healthy adults following appropriate directions. 0.4 points added. Inadequate research is available to conclusively prove Beta-Phenylethylamine HCl’s safety: 2 point deduction.

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (+0.1 points) – When taken by adults or even by most children, a WebMD report has labeled Acetyl-L-Carnitine as likely safe or possibly safe, respectively.
  • Caffeine (+0.1 points) – A WebMD description of this ingredient showed in its “side effects” tab that caffeine is likely safe when used within reasonable limits.
  • L-Tyrosine (+0.1 points) – According to a WebMD analysis, L-Tyrosine is possibly safe for appropriate medicinal use among adults.
  • Theobromine (+0.1 points) – A breakdown of Theobromine conducted by WebMD specialists called the use of this ingredient – a natural chemical found in cocoa – to be likely safe when used in reasonable amounts.

Banned Ingredients (USA): No deductions.

Formula Effectiveness

Ingredients underwent clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals: No deductions.

Ingredients proven ineffective in clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals: No deductions.

Ingredients shown in clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals to provide weight management support benefits: 0.8 points added.

Ingredients clinically proven to provide significant weight management support in clinical research published in peer-reviewed industry journals: 0.3 points added.

Overall User Reviews

Average user rating: 1 point added. APEX-TX5 maintains an average 4.9 star user review rating.

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