Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is marketed as being a superfood cocktail on its official website, and it is meant to be seen as a supplement that can be taken in the form of a beverage in order to obtain up to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in a single dose. The product is made of a massive 75 whole food ingredients.

It is important to note that this product is based on a free trial program, which automatically subscribes the user to an auto-ship program. While customer feedback about the ease of use of this specific program was not available at the time of the writing of this review, auto-ship programs are notorious for continuing beyond the length of time that a customer would like to maintain it. Many customers who cancel this type of program find that they are frustrated when they must face at least one more shipment than they actually wanted – and that is when they are able to successfully cancel it at all, which many have not been able to do without the intervention of the credit card company, itself.

It is unclear as to whether or not cancelling Athletic Greens is easy or not, but it is hoped that this would be a rapid and direct process, as each shipment of 30 servings (one month) is a tremendous $127.

This product is available at a number of different countries around the world including the United States as well as throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

The idea behind this product is that it will provide athletes – bodybuilders, those who take part in sports, and others who are trying to take care of their bodies while remaining active – with the ability to take their performance “to the next level”. It is unclear exactly what specific benefit this is supposed to provide other than to ensure that the body is receiving a broad spectrum of important nutrients and that it will be able digest them in an efficient and effective way.

The advertising on the official website for this product shows that people who use Athletic greens can take advantage of improved energy, health support, better body nutrition, immune system support, and happiness. The happiness component is apparently the natural result of phenomenal health.

When looking at the formula for Athletic Greens, there are certain components that stand out from among the others and that could interact with certain medical conditions, other supplements, or medications. It is very important to speak with a doctor before starting the use of this product.

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