Belly Fat Reducer

Belly Fat Reducer is an over the counter diet pill that was created for the purpose of assisting dieters to be able to reach their goals more quickly. This product takes specific aim at the areas that dieters find the most troublesome, say the supplement’s marketing claims. In fact, the official website’s description of the product states that the formula points directly to reducing fat in the area of the lower abs.

Immediately, this should be seen as a worrying claim. The reason is that no individual ingredient, ingredient combination or even workout has ever proven to cause fat to be measurably lost on a specific part of the body. This means that any product claiming that it helps to battle belly bulge, that it shrinks the backside or thins the thighs is not basing its promises on reputable scientific research results.

Still, just because it is unlikely that Belly Fat Reducer targets only one zone of the body, it doesn’t mean this product has no potential at all. Before writing it off, it’s a good idea to look more closely at the product’s formula to understand exactly what it can or cannot do.

These diet pills are made by a company based in the United Kingdom called Forever Health. That manufacturer has created a number of different supplements in a range of wellness categories. The official website provides some information about the company and its products and offers a range of contact methods for anyone who would like more information or who has concerns they would like to have assuaged.

That said, the official website provides very limited information about the individual products. In fact, the only thing the official website says about this product is that it is “The Number 1 Tummy FAT BUSTER Worldwide” and that it specifically targets belly fat. Beyond that, it provides information about the acceptable payment methods for purchasing the product. The manufacturer didn’t even go to the extent of adding a picture of the product package.

For this reason, an official list of the formula’s ingredients is not available on the website. Other sites selling the product also do not provide a complete list other than mentioning that it contains trimethylxanthine. That complex sounding chemical is actually nothing more than regular caffeine, just like what you find in your morning coffee.

While caffeine can boost energy levels and research suggests that it may also help enhance the metabolism and could reduce the appetite in certain people, if there isn’t anything else in this product, then it is nothing more than a caffeine pill and most certainly cannot live up to any of its claims.

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