BioFitea Herbal Dietary Tea is the name of a dietary supplement that is designed to be used by people who are trying to lose weight and who are trying to improve their fitness levels. It is sold on several websites online but does not appear to have its own official website that could be found at the time of the writing of this review.

The product description for BioFitea on Amazon states that it will help a user to be able to lose weight by “flushing fats and toxins.” At no point does it make any attempt to explain what that means. It also claims that it promotes a healthy digestive system.

When looking at the statement about how this product is meant to help someone to lose weight, it appears to be either a direct reflection of the manufacturer or marketer’s lack of understanding of how weight is lost, or it is a deliberately misleading statement. When the body reaches adulthood, it contains a certain number of fat cells. Under normal circumstances – and apart from situations such as certain surgeries – that number of fat cells never changes, regardless of your weight. Instead, they become larger or smaller. Therefore, fat cannot be “flushed” out as the product description suggests.

Instead, by promoting better digestion, all that can be flushed out is waste. Unless the user is constipated, his or her body will already naturally provide that service. This also implies that this product is nothing more than a laxative. When looking at the active ingredients within this tea, it becomes even more clear that this is a laxative, as it contains senna leaves and senna pods. Those ingredients are known for their laxative effects.

According to the directions on the package, in order to achieve a “sexy figure,” the user is supposed to place one of the BioFitea tea bags into a cup of hot – but not boiling – water. It must be allowed to steep for 10 to 15 minutes in order to ensure that the ingredients have been dissolved into the water and will be consumed with the beverage. The directions also point out that it can be made to be more palatable by adding either sugar or lemon. It recommends that this product be used before bedtime in order to obtain the best results.

The product reviews left by customers have not been greatly positive for this product. It looks as though there are a large number of side effects associated with its use. Among the most commonplace is urgent diarrhea on a regular basis. It is highly recommended that a doctor be consulted before taking this product.

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