BioGenetic Laboratories hCG ALTERNATIVE

BioGenetic Laboratories hCG ALTERNATIVE is a nonprescription weight loss supplement designed to help people to drop more fat when they follow a low calorie diet. Moreover, the official BioGenetic Laboratories website’s hCG ALTERNATIVE page states that it may also assist dieters to reduce body fat percentage and fat mass, decrease hunger cravings, enhance resting metabolic rate, and “increase your chance for success.”

Regardless of whether or not this product actually works, it takes a much more realistic stance in terms of the marketing strategy it uses. It directly states that BioGenetic Laboratories hCG ALTERNATIVE is not a “miracle pill.” Miracle and magical claims are commonplace in the nonprescription industry and are used by everybody from disreputable supplement manufacturers to top celebrities like Dr. Oz before having to face a federal Senate committee for such claims.

That said, BioGenetic Labs has clearly taken a direct stance against that type of misinformation and has instead stated that its formula is meant to be used along with the same type of healthy reduced calorie dieting and fitness program a dieter would use without the pill in order to lose weight. That said, with the pill in combination to the “progressive 3-phase nutrition plan”, dieters can expect to get onto the “fast-track to success.”

In this way, the product doesn’t just come as a bottle with pills in it and directions to eat right and exercise. Instead, hCG ALTERNATIVE comes with a program that offers dieters step by step directions to be able to get the most out of the product. In this way, they know how to take the product, what they should be eating, and when they should be eating. It does not provide specific fitness instructions but recommends that physical activity be a part of the overall weight loss strategy.

At the time this review was written, the ingredients in BioGenetic Laboratories hCG ALTERNATIVE included a 758 mg proprietary formula of: green tea leaf extract (decaffeinated), L-arginine, L-ornithine, N-acetyl-L-carnitine, black cohosh, saffron extract, and huperzine extract. This product is made in a gelatin-based capsule shell, which means it is not appropriate for vegan dieters or for certain vegetarian diets.

It should also be noted that black cohosh comes with a risk of certain unwanted side effects and may conflict with certain other supplements, drugs (both prescription and nonprescription) and medical conditions. People who have had cancer or who currently have cancer are often told not to use products containing black cohosh as it is, for instance, linked with breast cancer recurrence. It typically causes more unwanted side effects in women than men.

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