Body Perfect African Mango 2400mg Capsules

Body Perfect African Mango 2400mg Capsules are an over the counter weight loss supplement. These have been created and are sold by a company in the U.K. called Bio-Synergy Ltd. That company sells a large number of products in the categories of weight management, bodybuilding, and general health and wellness. It calls this product an “advanced capsule formulation” but whether or not this “high strength formula” can actually live up to the company’s promises requires further investigation.

At the time of this review, it appeared as though the only ingredient in Body Perfect African Mango 2400mg Capsules is African mango (irvingia gabonensis), of which it is assumed that there are 2400 mg, based on the product name. The official webpage for the product does not actually list the ingredients in this product, so it is unclear whether or not there are other ingredients within this formulation, that the description calls “advanced”. This ingredient is quite commonplace in the weight loss supplement industry, both as a substance that is taken on its own, as well as one that is combined with other ingredients to create a more complete product.

Medical research has yet to prove that there is any direct relationship between the use of this ingredient and measurable weight loss. According to the official webpage for the product on the Bio-Synergy website, the seeds of this plant “have been reported” to contain “powerful fat burning benefits”. It also claims that the plant is a powerful antioxidant which helps to support healthy weight, and that it is high in fiber, which improves digestion. That said, there are no studies cited on this page and none could be found that would conclusively support those claims, at the time that this review was written.

It is notable that the website also compares the increasing popularity of African mango to the “famous Acai Berry”. The reason that this is interesting is that acai berry is an ingredient that has been related to one of the largest and most widespread diet pill scams ever to have hit the nonprescription weight loss industry. There has never been a single claim that would link its use to measurable weight loss and yet it has been labeled as a miracle by many companies and consumers have found themselves duped and tricked into buying and using something that didn’t make the slightest difference to their dieting results.

Most reputable companies have made a concerted effort to distance their weight loss products from the acai berry disaster, and many of the companies that had been selling it as a weight loss aid have now switched to selling it as a simple antioxidant, which it is.

For this reason, it would be difficult to recommend the use of Body Perfect African Mango 2400mg Capsules.

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