Body War Body Shred

Body War Body Shred is marketed not just a regular fat burner, but one that provides extreme level results. It is packed to the brim with fat burners that are supposed to help someone to drop a tremendous level of fat extremely quickly. This is a relatively new product to hit the market from an Australian company called Body War Nutrition.

While there is an official website for the manufacturer, it consists of nothing more than a black screen with three pictures of products it makes, and a list of all its brands. There is absolutely no information about any of the products and the only other information available on the website is a phone number meant for wholesalers who should call “Nick”. Even before actually looking into the product with any greater depth, that type of lack of effort by the company behind a product should be seen as a kind of red flag to consumers.

After all, it means that there isn’t an official source of information for these products, nor is there a way to learn more if anything should go wrong when using the product.

Understanding that there is a risk that something could go wrong is actually quite important when it comes to this product as there have been a range of negative reviews and consumer feedback posts that have been shared with regards to its formula. Among the claim that stood out the most against the use of this product was one that said that it was simply dangerous to take and that some of the side effects are potentially lethal.

In order to better understand what should actually be believed about this product, it is a good idea to take a closer look at its ingredients. Since none were mentioned on the official website, the list obtained for this review was found on third party websites. At the time this review was written, the ingredients were identified as: taurine, acetyl carnitine, erithytol, green coffee bean extract, guarana, garcinia cambogia, caffeine, green tea extract, white tea extract, kidney bean extract, yerba mate, raspberry ketones, amp citrate, African mango, capsicum, pikatropin, dendrobium, olive leaf extract, norcoclaurine (aka higenamine), horsetail, celery seed, and bitter orange.

Upon reading that list of ingredients it becomes rapidly clear why there have been claims that this formula is dangerous. It is packed with extremely powerful stimulants that have all been combined despite the fact that there is evidence that certain combinations among them – let alone the power of bringing them all together – places users at a heightened risk of stroke, heart attack and other possibly fatal side effects.

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