Cho Yung Tea

Cho Yung Tea is a dieting supplement that can be purchased without a prescription from a doctor, and that is called “the original weight loss tea” by its own official website. This is a type of product that is taken in the form of a beverage, instead of requiring the user to swallow capsules or tablets, or to make shakes out of powders. The manufacturer of this product has used it as a replacement for their previous version of the formula, which was sold in pill form as Cho Yung Plus. Those pills are no longer available, and the tea is meant to offer the same benefits in a different format.

The claim from the website is that using Cho Yung Tea will help to support a dieter’s efforts to lose weight by way of “purifying the body’s cells”. Furthermore, it is also supposed to provide digestion optimization – though that is not described in any further detail – and it is supposed to support the body’s essential organs – which is also not expanded upon in terms of what that actually means.

Therefore, to be able to actually understand if there is a chance that using Cho Yung Tea could help a dieter to be able to lose weight quickly and safely, it is important to have a closer look at the ingredients and to discuss the use of this product with a licensed doctor.

At the time that this review was written, the ingredients that were listed on the official website for this product were: oolong tea, lotus leaf, gynostemma pentaphyllum, honeysuckle, cassia seeds, hemp seeds, and stevia. Upon researching by way of search engine and medical journal databases, no studies could be found that would suggest that a single one of those substances has been directly linked with measurable weight loss. Moreover, the official website doesn’t cite any studies to support the choices that it made in designing this formula, which doesn’t provide much assistance to the dieter who is considering this product.

Overall, it appears as though the largest possible effect would come from the small amount of caffeine that is found within the tea in these ingredients. That could help to increase the user’s energy levels, which could potentially make it easier to exercise, to make workouts more effective, and to boost motivation by combating fatigue. For this reason, it is difficult to come up with a reason for recommending this product.

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