Decaslim is an over the counter diet product that the manufacturer claims will assist dieters in being able to shed their excess weight. That said, it does not stop at weight loss promises, as it also claims to be able to provide its users with a range of additional benefits, as well. Among those currently listed on the official website for the product are that it will give users improved skin complexions through acne fighting properties.

Combining weight loss benefits with other advantages, such as anti aging or even sexual wellness, is becoming increasingly common in the nonprescription weight loss category, as manufacturers attempt to make their offerings stand out in an exceptionally competitive market. That said, if this product can manage to live up to its claims, that would be a significant achievement, as most diet pills have a hard time even helping dieters with weight loss, alone.

On its official website, the creator of Decaslim explained that she came up with the idea for the product because she wanted to ensure that dieters will be benefitting from certain superfoods that can help with weight loss while they clear up the consumption. She stated that these are foods that have also helped her to shrink her pore size while increasing her energy levels.

With that goal in mind, she created a diet pill that includes a long list of ingredients, including some that are trademarked. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are effective, only that they are unique to this company and its products unless it has licensed out the rights. At the time that this review was written, the ingredients included: ThermoDiamine, Razberi-K, FucoPure, GuggulEz100, BioPerene, green tea, capsaicin, synephrine HCL, and DHEA.

The first thing that becomes very clear when looking at the Decaslim ingredients list is that it is heavily based on substances that have received a great deal of media attention but that have not yet been studied by reputable medical organizations on human subjects. This means that the claims made about them are based on hype and not on actual scientific results that would be considered to be acceptable in the medical community.

The next thing that is important to note is that this formula is heavily based on stimulants, which may potentially offer some assistance with following a diet program that includes calorie reduction and increased exercise, but that also will increase the risk of side effects among many dieters.

Finally, this product contains an ingredient against which the FDA has released a warning to consumers with regards to potentially dangerous side effects: synephrine HCL.

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