Dynamic Body Shaper Diet & Energy

Dynamic Body Shaper Diet & Energy is a nonprescription weight loss product that is manufactured by a relatively large company in the health and wellness category called Weider. It manufactures several different products in the categories of weight loss, body building, creatine, pre-workouts, stacks, and weight gainers.

The official website for the manufacturer has a page that is dedicated to this product and that provides a complete list of the ingredients and their quantities, which is very helpful to dieters who are trying to find something that will be appropriate and safe for them to use. The description specifically states that it is free of ephedrine but that it is made up of a number of different herbal extracts as well as chromium picolinate. It is odd that it would focus on that specific ingredient, which has yet to be proven by scientific study to be effective for assisting with weight loss. The Mayo Clinic specifically states that this ingredient would require further study before it could be considered appropriate for use by dieters.

Overall, this product is supposed to increase the metabolic rate while it enhances mental energy and boosts well-being.

The directions on the official website at the time that this review was written state that four tablets should be taken every day. Those should be taken at a rate of two at a half hour before eating breakfast, and another two at a half hour before eating lunch. Dynamic Body Shaper Diet & Energy recommends that individuals who require a burst of energy should take them in between meals instead of only a half hour ahead of eating.

The ingredients listed on the website for this product include: chromium picolinate, green tea extract, kola nut extract, caffeine anhydrous, cinnamon powder, and cayenne powder. This makes it very clear that this product relies heavily on stimulants in order to provide its benefits, which makes sense as it does greatly advertise the fact that it is an energy booster. That said, with this many powerful stimulants (half of the ingredients contain stimulants), it is likely that many dieters who take this product will experience unwanted side effects that can include anything from sleeplessness to anxiety, heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, shakes and tremors, and other discomforts.

This also means that Dynamic Body Shaper Diet & Energy may not be appropriate or safe for some dieters. These ingredients could conflict with certain foods, beverages, others supplements, some prescription drugs, and certain common medical conditions.

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