Earths Design CLA

Earths Designs CLA is a conjugated linoleic acid supplement that is marketed toward people who are trying to lose weight more quickly than they are able to achieve on their own. While this ingredient is a very common one within the weight loss industry, it is important to note that it needs to be taken in large quantities in order to be able to produce the positive results that have been seen in scientific studies.

Therefore, many companies choose to combine the use of this ingredient with others in order to gain more benefits for the user. Otherwise, CLA is often sold in the form of a powder so that an adequate amount of it can be provided in each dose.

In the case of Earths Design CLA, it contains only this one active ingredient, with the conjugated linoloeic acid being provided through the safflower oil it contains. In fact, 78 percent of the CLA in this product is from the safflower oil. In total, each dose should bring the user 1000 mg of the ingredient.

The reason this substance has become a popular one in diet and bodybuilding pills, alike, is that it is known to help in supporting muscle growth while encouraging fat burning at the same time. As muscles burn calories, many dieters like to support their lean muscle mass in order to ensure they don’t burn muscles instead of fat, and to make sure their bodies remain primed to burn through as many calories as they possibly can. As the

This product also claims that its use will help to suppress the appetite. This is not necessarily a common claim associated with this ingredient and the official webpage for the product doesn’t cite any research that would support this additional claim.

At the time of the writing of this review, the product was being sold, on sale, for only $20.99 on the official website. It’s unclear whether or not this is a permanent sale price or not, but the listing shows that the original price of the product had been $49.99. When taking into consideration that the full price would have been astronomical for a diet pill containing only safflower oil, it is likely that the product is continually on sale on this site.

This type of supplement is typically quite affordable and the sale price reflects a competitive amount within this industry. Unfortunately, this may not be powerful enough to provide dieters with the assistance they need for measurable weight loss results.

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