Evoxin CG

Evoxin CG is a second version of a product that Purity Products has created under that name. The product is designed not only to provide weight reduction in the form of a pill, but it is also marketed as having additional benefits such as improving overall health as well as a user’s energy levels.

This diet pill is available over the counter and it is meant to help a dieter to overcome stress and fatigue while burning fat off his or her body more quickly and easily. If purchased from the manufacturer’s official website, the price for one bottle – which offers a one month supply – was $54.95 at the time that this review was written. That said, different prices were spotted at other online marketplaces and websites.

The official website did not identify the complete list of ingredients in Evoxin CG at the time of this review. It spoke exclusively of green tea extract and L-carnitine. That said, third party websites that also sell the product have identified other ingredients that include acetyl-L-carnitine, titanium dioxide, hodroxypropyl methylcellulose, sodium copper chlorophyllin, and biotin.

This product is marketed exclusively toward people who are 18 years old, and it is not meant for women who are pregnant or nursing a baby.

That said, it is important to note that the only ingredient within this formula that has strong scientific evidence to support the claims that are made about its benefits is green tea extract. None of the other ingredients have significant large medical studies behind their use. What’s more, the studies of green tea were on specific amounts that were shown to be both safe and effective, as too much can cause side effects and too little can be too weak to produce the desired benefits. Unfortunately, the official website for this product did not identify the quantity of green tea that was used in this formula and, therefore, a customer can’t be sure that the results from using Evoxin CG will be comparable to the outcomes that were recorded in those studies.

The official manufacturer’s webpage for this product did not make any mention of either a free sample or a money back guarantee, at the time that this review was written.

While this product could have what it takes to make weight loss somewhat easier, the official website does not provide adequate information that would be needed to confirm that. It is recommended that a doctor be consulted before beginning the use of this diet pill.

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