Fuco Prime

Fuco Prime is an over the counter diet pill that was created and manufactured by a company known as Nature’s Biology. While this product does still exist on the official website for the company, it looks as though it is being phased out and will eventually be entirely replaced by another product from the same company, which is called Hoodia Prime.

Though Fuco Prime does appear to be on its way out, it is still available for sale at a number of third party websites, in addition to eBay. The “live chat” option on the official website was not functioning at the time that this review was written, and the overall Nature’s Biology website was rather touch and go in its availability, as well, so additional information about the availability and manufacture of Fuco Prime could not be obtained within a reasonable amount of time as this review was being created.

Fuco Prime is a diet pill that is based on the ingredient called fucoxanthin. This is a substance that is obtained from a type of brown seaweed. It is an ingredient that is found quite commonly in over the counter weight loss pills from many different manufacturers and in many different price ranges. Despite the fact that the official website is not selling this product, it is still listing the price for every bottle at $57. This is the same price at which it is selling its newer product, Hoodia Prime, which appears to be based on one ingredient, as well, Hoodia Gordonii.

That said, perhaps because of the fact that stock is dwindling, Fuco Prime can be found in other locations for prices that are over $10 cheaper than the official list price.

To take this product, it is suggested that 2 capsules be swallowed an hour ahead of each meal, along with 12 ounces of water. The purpose is to reduce the size of the appetite so that the dieter will be inclined to eat smaller amounts of food every day, thereby consuming fewer calories and making it easier to lose weight. However, the studies that have been conducted on this ingredient have had conflicting results, at best. It is more likely that the 12 ounces of water will reduce the appetite, than the pills, themselves.

For this reason, it would be difficult to think of any reason to recommend this product on any practical or reasonable level.

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