Green Coffee Bean Max

Even though Green Coffee Bean Max diet pills are based on an ingredient that has become quite common in the nonprescription weight loss industry, its official website describes it as being something quite new and revolutionary within the marketplace. The pill’s manufacturers claim that these pills are better than the competition because there is absolutely nothing else needed in order to make sure that the dieter will lose a significant amount of weight.

The pills are marketed as having been “proven” to bring about weight loss, regardless of whether any exercise program or diet plan is followed. On top of that, though, the advertising actually states that if users do change their exercise and eating habits in order to encourage fat loss, then they will be able to lose double the amount that would be possible through their own efforts alone, as long as they take this pill while they’re doing it.

These claims are rather confusing, considering that the website indicates that there is only a single ingredient within Green Coffee Bean Max: green coffee bean extract. As this ingredient has only ever undergone very small preliminary studies and no reputable medical professional would – at the time this review was written – claim that the substance has been scientifically proven to cause measurable weight loss in humans, the claims made on the website do call the honesty of the marketing into question.

There was one very notable doctor who did recommend green coffee bean extract for weight loss, and that was Dr. Oz. Unfortunately, as a result of this recommendation and that of a long list of other unproven diet pill ingredients, he recently found himself facing a federal U.S. Senate Committee that did not feel that his actions were appropriate.

It could very well be that green coffee bean extract is a wonderful ingredient to help with weight loss. The problem is that until it has been adequately researched, this cannot be known for certain. It is impossible for manufacturers to know exactly how much should be used for the best possible results and the lowest possible risk of side effects and it is unknown as to whether or not it can be considered to be adequately safe for use by the average individual.

Until this research has been completed, any claims that are made about Green Coffee Bean Max regarding having been “proven” cannot be taken at face value.

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