Hydroxycut Gummies

Hydroxycut Gummies are a relatively unique type of weight loss supplement formula in that they come in the form of a chewable gummy instead of a tablet, caplet, or capsule. Assuming that they work, this can mean that there is a very promising formula available to dieters who struggle to swallow pills (or who just think that eating gummies is more fun than taking a pill). That said, this is only assuming that the formula can actually live up to the manufacturer’s promises.

Talk to Your Doctor Before Using Hydroxycut Gummies

In order to obtain a better idea as to whether or not that could be possible, it is highly recommended that the potential user investigate the ingredients further, and that they speak with a doctor who can say if it is appropriate for their unique medical needs and weight loss expectations.

What Are Hydroxycut Gummies?

Hydroxycut Gummies are made up of the following proprietary active ingredients: Hydroxyprovia and Hydroxagen. Both of those ingredients are found in a number of the products that are sold by this brand.

In fact, this is exactly the same list of active ingredients that is in the Hydroxycut Caffeine Free formula, right down to the 160 mg amount. Hydroxyprovia is made up of lady’s mantle extract, olive leaf extract, cumin extract, and wild mint extract. Hydroxagen contains goji extract, acerola concentrate, blueberry, pomegranate, and bilberry. All of these are contained within a fruit flavored gummy.

Is There Science Behind this Weight Loss Formula and Vitamin Combination?

According to the official webpage on the brand’s website, there has been a study conducted on the Hydroxycut Gummies, and those who used it were able to lose more weight than those in the placebo group.

However, the details about the study are extremely limited. It doesn’t state that it was an independent study, nor does it identify the group that conducted it. This means that it could have been the company, itself, that did the research, meaning that it would not be considered to be objective. Moreover, it isn’t clear how many participants were involved in the study, which means that there could have been as few as two people involved (one taking the gummies, and one taking the placebo).

At the time that this review was conducted, no reputable study in a medical journal could be found to support direct weight loss claims made about any of the ingredients within this formula. While research has been conducted on cumin extract as a thermogenic, its results have been conflicting, at best, and more was used in the study than is likely contained within these gummies, based on the total 160 mg amount of all of the active ingredients combined.

Are These Comparable to Adipex Results?

Are Hydroxycut Gummies in any way comparable to Adipex results? No, and they’re not trying to be.  There is a considerable difference between the prescription obesity medication and the chewable vitamin supplement.

Adipex is a brand name prescription drug used by some obesity patients. When they are unable to lose the weight on their own, but the excess body fat is placing their health at risk from conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some kinds of cancer, this medication may be prescribed.  In these cases, the risks associated with the use of the drug – side effects and chemical dependency, for instance – are outweighed by the benefits of being able to achieve a healthier body weight.

On the other hand, the Hydroxycut Gummies are primarily a nutritional supplement with additional ingredients meant to help support overweight dieters who are following a calorie-restricted diet and increasing their daily exercise.  It is not a solution to weight problems but an additional supplement to use while making a number of other important lifestyle changes.

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