Kilo Off

Kilo Off is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that is designed to provide dieters with enhanced fat burning and appetite suppression, in addition to diuretic effects that it claims will make it easier to reduce a person’s overall size. The manufacturer behind this diet pill is a company called Laboratoires Vitarmonyl, which is a business that is based in France. That company is of moderate size but it has a vast distribution network that ensures that it can sell its products to countries worldwide.

The official website of Amirose London, one of the distributors for the manufacturer, says that Kilo Off works by using its list of benefits to be able to give dieters an advantage so that they can “maintain” a flat stomach. Despite the fact that it is designed to be a diet pill and the name of the product suggests that it takes weight off the body, this wording in the official marketing materials would indicate that it stops weight from coming back on, as opposed to taking it off in the first place. Therefore, this would be more accurately described as a maintenance product instead of an actual weight loss supplement, as the distributor suggests.

That said, the official website indicates that Kilo Off is a studied product and that it has been clinically proven to work. It stated that “efficacy study no. 2204 carried out over 20 days, as a part of a varied and balanced diet,” proves that this pill will work as indicated. That said, other than the aforementioned statement, there was no indication of who conducted the study, whether or not it was conducted on humans, how many people (if it was people) were in involved in this research, how it was conducted, or anything else. No links were given nor were there citations of the journals in which the research was published. That suggests that it was likely some kind of test that was run by the company itself and not by an impartial and reputable research organization or university. It is highly unlikely that any doctor would ever consider this product to be “proven”.

The ingredients within this product were listed as: green tea, green coffee, “mate” (it is assumed that this is making reference to yerba mate, a stimulant), cherry stalks, meadowsweet, grape marc, orange peel, cynorrhodon, pineapple extract, papaya extract, citrus pectins, apple pectins, guar gum, cider vinegar, chromium and a long list of B vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin C. That is a very long list of primarily unproven ingredients.

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