LEAN Ph.D is an over the counter weight loss supplement that is meant to complement a user’s dieting and training in order to achieve better results. This product is a part of a brand called Man Sports Nutrition. The brand is primarily focused on weight management, fat burning and muscle building supplements. As the name suggests, it is geared toward male users. That said, when looking at many of the products and their formulas, it does look as though it is mainly the packaging that has been designed for men and not the ingredients.

In the case of LEAN Ph.D, the product is meant to encourage users to look beyond eating and exercising when it comes to being able to lose weight. While it does acknowledge the importance of those factors, it also points out that there is much more to the body and its processes than calories in and calories out. It also acknowledges that real life needs to be taken into account because as much as people may be dedicated to doing what’s best for their bodies, they aren’t always going to want to bring a lunch and stay home for dinner. Sometimes, they just want to eat to enjoy themselves.

This product is mean to work through thermogenesis. In fact, it calls itself “The Smart Thermogenic.” The reason is that it is a combination of a thermogenesis promoting ingredient and an energy booster. The goal is to help to make sure dieters will return to their normal sleeping and eating habits and then get the very most out of their cardio workouts. It helps to overcome the monotony of feeling as though they are on a diet, because they can live a much more normal lifestyle.

Combining thermogenesis promoting ingredients with energy boosters is hardly anything new. In fact it is quite the common claim in the over the counter weight loss industry, particularly when combined with the other benefits this product claims to provide, including fat metabolism and appetite control.

Unfortunately, the official website for this product does not cite any clinical or medical studies published in reputable peer reviewed journals that would support any of the claims made about the formula or the ingredients that comprise it.

The ingredients in this product include: Vitamin B6, caffeine anhydrous, acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR), N-acetyl-L-tyrosine (NALT), green tea (Lean Green™), nelumbo nucefera seed extract, hordeum vulgare seed extract, cocoa plant extract, sceletium tortuosum leaf and stem extract, grains of paradise seed extract, bovine serum albumin (BioBumin™), and coleus forskohlii.

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