Lipobind is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that has managed to accomplish something that many other products in this category have not – it has managed to stand out and be noticed from among hundreds of others. This is an extremely large product category that is all but flooded with different options of all qualities and strategies. The fact that Lipobind has managed to actually attract enough attention that many people have heard of it is quite a feat.

That said, just because people know the name, it doesn’t actually mean that it works or that it is safe. Therefore, in order to know that for certain, it is up to a dieter him or herself to look more closely at this product and decide whether or not it has the potential to be helpful.

The official website for this product indicates that Lipobind works as a fat binder. It is endorsed by a number of celebrities. While this doesn’t necessarily act as proof in favor of the effectiveness of the product, it does show that there is a very large marketing budget ready to support this product and it helps to explain how it has become such a well-known name.

Looking at the formula for Lipobind is among the main ways to know whether or not there is a chance that it could be helpful for a dieter to lose weight. The main active ingredient within this formula is a substance called Litramine. That is a patented ingredient that is made of a fiber complex. There have been a small number of preliminary clinical trials that have indicated that this fiber can indeed work as a fat binder.

That said, in terms of larger research from reputable independent organizations that have published their findings in peer reviewed medical journals, nothing could be found at the time of this review. The early research does suggest that the substance is promising and that it is worth further research, but that is not enough to consider it to be proven by the medical community.

In the early research, the reason that it may be considered to be promising for further investigation is that some studies have indicated that the ingredient can block as much as 27.4 percent of dietary fat consumed in a meal. It is important to keep in mind that the sample for this study was very small and it is unclear as to whether or not humans were involved as the participants, or if it was a clinical trial on chemicals or animals.

Litramine is made up of 100 percent organic plant sources. It is a type of cactus plant, from which the leaves have been dehydrated in order to create the substance.

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