Liposinol is an over the counter weight loss supplement that was designed to provide dieters with a fat burning benefit that will be helpful to people who are attempting to reduce their body weight. The idea is that by using this pill, they will be able to increase the results of the other efforts that they are making, including exercising in a fitness appropriate way, and eating a calorie reduced, healthy and nutritious diet. The marketing for these diet pills claims that taking them is especially beneficial in combating “stubborn” body fat that has been very hard to lose.

This type of claim is far from uncommon in the weight loss supplement industry. Before actually purchasing and taking Liposinol, it is a very good idea to look into this product a little bit more profoundly. Some of the types of things that could be examined include the ingredients in the product, reviews left by customers, and studies that could suggest that the formula or the individual substances that make it up.

Before any of that, it is a good idea to speak with a doctor, as this will help to know whether or not the product is safe and effective in general, whether it will be safe and effective for the individual dieter, and if it will be appropriate to that dieter’s expectations.

Once the doctor has been consulted, have a look at the ingredients list. According to the official website for Liposinol, the only ingredient in this formula is a substance called Litramine. This makes researching the full formula considerably easier than it would be for a much longer list. Litramine is an ingredient that the company claims will function as a fat binder. Fat binders are substances that function in the digestive system by bonding to the molecules of fat from food in order to make them too large to be absorbed into the body.

Litramine is actually another name for opuntia ficus indica, which is a common weight loss supplement ingredient. It is extracted from a plant that grows naturally in Central America. While it has found quite a place in the media spotlight, there has been very little research actually conducted on this substance and it has never been conclusively proven to bring about measurable weight loss.

While there has been some preliminary clinical research held on opuntia ficus indica, they are far from the large sized studies that would be required to be considered to be proven by the medical community. At the moment, all that some of them show is that further research is needed before the dosage and effectiveness can be understood.

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